Transportation Alternatives

transportation alternatives

Transportation Alternatives

 There are many transportation alternatives.
Someone knows something about this subject because everyone uses some means to get from one place to another. We that are limited in the amount of money we have are trying to travel the

greatest distance with the least amount of that money spent. The more money we save to get to where we are going will have mean more to spend on the things that we want while we are there. The more things we can do while we are there will mean that we get to create more memories

while we are there. We often save a large part of our life to finally take that one trip that we may only get to take once. Those that are transporting us there are trying often to get all of that we

have spent before we get to where we are going. Who has been planning on that special vacation trip and how will we get there? Will we fly or go on the water? Can we get there over land? All
these things come in to our minds along with what means of transportation will get us there faster if time is a factor in this trip? What transportation was around first? Probably ships first would be my guess.


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