Self confidence boost   
   Do you have problems with your self confidence? I have seen people that some would think that because of their circumstances their self esteem would be lower, but I have found that many times these are the people that have high confidence in themselves.I have heard that the people we surround our-self with have a effect on our confidence. Some people are very good at putting people down, it takes more strength to build people up. Some I guess care little for themselves and even less for others. Are you a builder or are you destructive when it comes to self-esteem of yourself and that of others? Some people are so down on themselves that they try to pass it on to others with them knowing it.Getting away from people that try to bring your self esteem is one avenue to survive being brought down. Having enough self confidence to share is another way to survive environments filled with low self worth. Have you been having a good day until you get around certain people and their talk just messes up your day, a day that was swell until they came around?


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