Effortlessly studying any subject

” I study via effortless effort.

What I mean by this is that if i’m encountered with a difficult problem I drop it into the cauldron of my mind. Later when I’m doing dishes, laundry, or taking a walk the solution pops into my head like toast out of a toaster. I take this approach a lot when I’m trying to figure out a solution to a difficult part of a puzzle. Mostly with my Rubik’s cubes.

If I’m writing a book my imagination works over time. For example if I’m writing a fight scene, I imagine every movement that my character makes and write it down step by step so that the reader gets a supremely clear view of whats happening from a variety of different angles.

If I’m studying philosophy via reading pieces from Emerson, or Joseph Murphy I think about what they say from many different angles. The reason I do this is mainly because I believe that every truth is really a half truth.


I’ll state an example to prove my point:

War is a terrible event that kills millions of people and injures millions more am I correct? Yes this is 100% true.

Based on this truth you could easily become an activist and say that we need to figure out a way to stop all wars because its inhuman.

Well the other side of the coin is that without wars our global economy would collapse, and millions would be out of work due to unemployment which would also be seen as inhuman. No one wants a world depression.

Another view point would be to say that to create a world without war, we would need to rid it of any and all military. Some countries have already gotten rid of their military power in favor of world peace.

Well this may be the case but those countries with so called, “No military,” are actually protected by other countries. Therefore they may have no military of their own, however they can count on one who does if a hostile force shows up on their shore lines.”

Income of teachers and the people they taught

  Why do teachers and students make different incomes? Are there other differences in students and their teachers beside income? Some think it a joke the differences between these groups. There is almost a rap that appears to exist between these groups.They have some kind of kicks that they use when referring to one another. Do they ever end up in court because of the differences they have between them? Finall, who should be the center of every classroom? I wonder what you think of these ideas?