Love what you do even when it doesn't like you

”  Many people who do not do well in school can be broadly divided into two types:(CLICK HERE AND CHANGE YOUR LIFE FOREVER)
People who really try but just can’t do well.People who can’t be bothered (for one reason or another).
I presume you were referring to the 2nd type since people with high IQ typically fall into the 2nd category.
I am speaking from my own experience and what I write here may not reflect the situation for others. I am a Mensa member so that may put me in a better position to answer this question.  Well, intelligent people just do not like doing things they don’t like and they are very stubborn about it. Take Einstein for example, he excelled in all math-related subjects but fared much worse in others. If you were to read his biography
His Life And Times: Philipp Frank: Books
Even for subjects that he liked, he didn’t always agree with the way it was being taught. That led to conflicts with his teachers and that explains why he did not succeed in getting a postgraduate research position back in his university since no professor wanted to take him in. His results were not particularly stellar anyway. He eventually gave up and became a patent clerk. But being the genius that he was, he taught himself advanced physics and engaged in his own research into the “laws of the universe”. Intelligent people will shine if left on their own to discover what they really like and engage themselves in it. If you force them to go through public schooling (like everyone else), the potential creative genius within them will most likely be buried.
Therefore, it isn’t surprising intelligent people might do badly in school. Good results has more to do with hard work than with a high IQ. Of course, a certain level of IQ is needed to do well but certainly not of the level of Einstein’s.” USA, LLC