Living Single

   Do you know anyone that is single today? Do they act or even seem strange in some way to you? It may be because they have been missing out on some of the benefits of having someone special in their life. Being single can be a strain on those that are without someone to share their life with on a daily basis. I was single for quite awhile before meeting the woman that has proven to be unique in her own way. Let’s enjoy the moments that many are missing out on right now!

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Celebrate Life

   When is the right
time to celebrate life? Who spends time enjoying every day as if it was
the last day on the planet? What would you do if you knew today was going to be
the last time that you were going to be alive. What is the one thing among
all that you have done in your life that would fulfill your lifelong dreams? Celebration
of a full life lived is the best kind. If you knew that you had lived
your life to the fullest, there wouldn’t be a moment that you would try to do
that last thing. You would have done everything that you wanted to during our life
and it would be time to move on without any regret. How many people really live
their life to the fullest every day?
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