Transportation Alternatives

transportation alternatives

Transportation Alternatives

 There are many transportation alternatives.
Someone knows something about this subject because everyone uses some means to get from one place to another. We that are limited in the amount of money we have are trying to travel the

greatest distance with the least amount of that money spent. The more money we save to get to where we are going will have mean more to spend on the things that we want while we are there. The more things we can do while we are there will mean that we get to create more memories

while we are there. We often save a large part of our life to finally take that one trip that we may only get to take once. Those that are transporting us there are trying often to get all of that we

have spent before we get to where we are going. Who has been planning on that special vacation trip and how will we get there? Will we fly or go on the water? Can we get there over land? All
these things come in to our minds along with what means of transportation will get us there faster if time is a factor in this trip? What transportation was around first? Probably ships first would be my guess.


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    It is nice to have
the sun shining down on you on a clear sunny day. It really
makes all the difference in the world to have a sun filled day keeping
all the dark clouds away. You can almost see the dullness found in words that
fill the empty spaces in the corners of your mind when light comes in to chase
those dark clouds away. The light shines in to reveal the beauty
of a life that was hiding behind a gloomy life. Now how does it feel to finally
feel the brightness of the sun shining on your face?
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    How does sunshine
feel when it shines on your face on a warm summer day? It is so good to spend
time living life in the mist of the warmth that in many places comes but once a
year. Who besides me loves to be free to enjoy the sunshine every day? It
seems like there are not enough hours in a day to enjoy it all. Time seems to
go by so fast when you are enjoying the light of a bright and sunny
day. Being around people that enjoy what you enjoy makes all the difference in
the world.

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 Getting on the road to a brand new life is
worth the trip. Traveling to enjoy a vacation or just for the joy of being in a
new place is so new. All of your senses get to see or even feel new ground
under your feet. It is also a power that is unseen but felt by all who
experience it. Sometimes people enjoy with groups and at other times it is done
by individuals. I have done some traveling and found it to always be
memorable. Many times the trips seem like they are over to fast.
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Spring Has Sprung


   It is time to begin to prepare for the spring
thaw. It has been quite a while since I have felt the sunshine on my face. The
warm breeze blowing against my face seems to ease the calm of a winter that
seemed at times to have no end. Getting to spend time outside enjoying weather
that has been absent from my days for quite some time now. Spring is raising its
head on my day and I am glad that it did. Now to make plans for the coming days
of sunshine that is here after such a wait, let me see?
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