Have you ever thought about what it takes to be considered an artist? There are so many forms that make-up true art. Some art takes the form of drawings while other art may be made of some other forms or even materials.”Art is a thing of beauty. Millions of dollars are spent every year on viewing art in museums,
setting up new exhibitions, and even purchasing art for personal use in a home. Some artists create works that are deep, complicated reflections on their lives or society. Other artists, though, are just downright clever.
What they don’t have in technical prowess, they make up for with artistic originality. That’s what the cartoonist known as Shanghai Tango has done with his clever origin stories and accompanying cartoons.Remember: art is all about perspective. We should appreciate all kinds of art, because you never know what kind will touch your life.” Do you think your are a artist or are you still halt between opinions about that?

Einstein had the heart of a lion.


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