Completely fulfilled life

  It is always good to share ideas in a ever changing world.Sometimes thoughts can be as close as the nearest glance across open spaces.That open space can be made up of: air,water, or uncultivated land. I have found out lately that living a full life should be part of every ones life.Sometimes we take for granted our being here but anything and all things in life can change. What are the things that you are planting for the future of a life that hopefully is lived in its entirety?

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Star Deaths

   Have you ever noticed how the death of stars is business? It would seem that these would be the time of the least interest but it proves over and over again to be the time when their deaths are headline stories. I would love to hear or should I say all that read this blog would be glad to hear your thoughts on the subject of star deaths. If you are reading this, please share your thoughts with us. Do you notice any difference in the way that star deaths are handled?


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Today Is Another Day

    Have you any plans for today? Beginning another day by saying that all is well.It is good to be able to look into the face of a new day and know that you are part of what happens all over the world. The world is still part of the same whole so even the smallest thing that is done by everyone here affects how well we all survive. I know that everyone doesn’t share my view but that is why I am writing my take on a world picture. You are a part of it whether you want to be or not. You can always leave the planet but I here they eventually come back that leave. Do you have plans or are you skipping today altogether?


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    What kind of test are you working to pass today? Tests can take so many different forms. They can be the type taken to pass a class at school or college but some are even harder to grasp. Those usually come in the form of regular everyday life. I have faced quite a few of them and they can have a longer effect. Being able to face everyday life with a smile is a real task. Many have long since given up on smiling and settled for an occasional grin from time to time. Anyway you look at life, it is always standing there looking back with the same look. Are you in a test right now based on what was said?

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Celebrate Life

   When is the right
time to celebrate life? Who spends time enjoying every day as if it was
the last day on the planet? What would you do if you knew today was going to be
the last time that you were going to be alive. What is the one thing among
all that you have done in your life that would fulfill your lifelong dreams? Celebration
of a full life lived is the best kind. If you knew that you had lived
your life to the fullest, there wouldn’t be a moment that you would try to do
that last thing. You would have done everything that you wanted to during our life
and it would be time to move on without any regret. How many people really live
their life to the fullest every day?
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      What is being
together? It is more than just a word when faith is in it. We often believe in
so many things but having faith involves much more. I sit on a chair because I
believe it will support my weight. Put my togetherness with faith and it gives
you a place to sit when you are tired. It also gives you a place to think about
what to do when faced with all manner of life situations. Having someone
special to share those moments of thought brings such great peace and pleasure.
Having the support of someone special gives strength to do things that often
seem impossible. Togetherness puts you in the majority! Who would turn down the
chance to be happy?

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Running Forms

I remember when I use to run. Now running is fun when you are in good condition. Maybe that is one of the reasons I don’t run like a use too. I spent a lot of time exercising and the days are



catching up with me. I tried out running them but now I see that I am not as fast as I thought I was. Life has a strange way of running you down at the strangest time. It has been fun spending time running. You might say to yourself that it want catch me. I remember having that same mind set


but now I am learning better. You will learn at some point the same thing given a little more time.
Runners take your mark, get set, ready, go.

WWE SmackDown Live – Running in place before Fastlane

AJ Styles faced Baron Corbin as a way to continue building Styles’ defense in the the Fastlane championship match.

If you weren’t a keen observer Tuesday night, you might have thought you were watching a re-run of last week’s episode of SmackDown Live.

A day removed from an outstanding Monday Night Raw episode, SmackDown had an impossible act to follow, and it did little to prove it can hang with the flagship show. The so-called land of opportunity looked little more than a wrestling ring set atop a sea of sameness with the usual suspects spewing familiar words on a platform that currently has no clear sense of direction.

Sure, SmackDown shuffled the deck and changed up some of the matchups, but instead of focusing on truly advancing storylines, the show appeared as if it were content wasting time until the Fastlane pay-per-view, which is still nearly three weeks away.

But despite the lack of forward movement, not all was lost. AJ Styles was again stellar, taking out Baron Corbin in the main event, while Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn did what they do best and made their presence felt in the most nefarious of ways when they attacked Styles after the match — only to watch as their tactics backfired when Corbin got a hold of them.

It was a reminder that Styles will need some luck on his side at Fastlane. In an opening promo, he sold the lack of faith he has in leaving the upcoming pay-per-view — where he’ll take on four other opponents — victorious. He explained in hypothetical terms that while he might be cleaning Owens’ clock outside of the ring, Dolph Ziggler could be inside pinning Zayn for the title. In other words, the odds are not on Styles’ side.

But in one-on-one competition, Styles has few worries. He proved that again Tuesday by withstanding the powerful Corbin, who was ruthless and determined. At one point, he struck Styles with a clothesline with enough force that it sent Styles into a full 360 backflip. Later, Corbin nearly pulled off the upset with a Deep Six that gave him a two-count. Corbin dominated a good part of the bout, but a calf-crusher followed by a Phenomenal Forearm by Styles ultimately ended the match.

Perhaps buried in all the jagged hoopla the past few weeks have been the standout performances by Corbin. He had led a squirrely existence in the ring since a failed Money in the Bank cash-in just before SummerSlam last August. But it seems as though the creative team again has faith in Corbin. He has size, strength and speaks well.

But for now, SmackDown still belongs to Styles. He reminds us of that every week, but he’s earned the right. Still, he continues to be hurt by the lack of a heated feud. His beef with KO and Zayn has exceeded any reasonable length of what a bonafide rival should be.

The idea that Corbin and Ziggler are intertwined in the Fastlane matrix hardly masks the fact that Styles needs a fresh foe to make the show more interesting. But then again, the crowd in Phoenix, Arizona, went bananas for Styles, so maybe all the storytelling shortcomings aren’t as big of a problem as they sometimes appear to be.

It’s just too bad the creative team doesn’t have the vision to try something truly unique like Raw did a night earlier, when it sent the seven men scheduled to compete in the main event of Elimination Chamber into a Gauntlet elimination match.

Not only was the stipulation fun, but the byproduct of having Seth Rollins rebuild himself with two incredible wins against Roman Reigns and John Cena was fascinating and, more importantly, memorable.

For now, though, we have no choice but to ride out the next couple of weeks of SmackDown and hope the Fastlane payoff will be worth the wait.

Seemingly out of nowhere it was decided that Ruby Riott will face Charlotte Flair for the SmackDown women’s championship at Fastlane. Courtesy WWE

Hits & misses

  • After a meaningless six-women tag-team matchup, the WWE came back from a commercial break to announce Charlotte Flair will take on Ruby Riott for the SmackDown title at Fastlane. Why not have Riott — who gave her team the win by pinning Becky Lynch — earn her spot against someone (anyone!) in singles competition. This storyline seems like a wasted opportunity.
  • Dolph Ziggler and Kevin Owens put on an impressive performance Tuesday. Both are athletic, intense competitors, and while there was absolutely no heat between them, it didn’t seem to matter. The match ended when Sami Zayn ran to the ring from the backstage area and faked jumping into the squabble, a distraction that allowed Owens the superkick the stuffing out of his opponent for the three-count.
  • As the show went off the air Tuesday, an indebted Zayn ostensibly put to rest any tension he had with Owens in the past couple of weeks by telling him he’ll not only help KO at Fastlane, but if it comes down to it, he’ll lay out in the middle of the ring so his best friend can get the easy pin walk away with the championship. Something tells me this plan isn’t going to work out so well for Owens. Could Zayn’s reunion with KO all be a ruse? We’ll find out soon enough.
  • I’m still not understanding why Jinder Mahal is involved in the United States Championship discussion. The third wheel in a Bobby Roode-Randy Orton feud, Mahal won’t even get a shot at the title at Fastlane. Isn’t there anyone else Mahal can throw jabs with for a few weeks until it’s his turn to vie for the belt? Apropos of nothing, Rusev was a no-show Tuesday.
  • For the life of me, I cannot understand why Shelton Benjamin and Chad Gable continue to lose against high-profile opponents. For the second straight week, they fell to the New Day, handing the latter another shot at the SmackDown tag-team championship at Fastlane. Benjamin and Gable are not The Ascension. This is a legit team that needs gold. Maybe WrestleMania will be their moment? We’re not holding our breath.


What is the answer to those extra  Pounds?

Dene Detoks

It is not mis-spelled. It is as the package displays it. Detox is Spelled, and pronounced here is Thailand as Detoks.

Did you know the number 5 “Best Seller” on line is Detox Tea?

Problem is I don’t like Tea. I have used it for weight loss and weight control but I just don’t like it.

Now Coffee – I love it. This is the most powerful Detox I have ever used. It is Amazing. And in addition to that I love it. It is delicious. But Be Warned:

1. Drink a cup of this and you want to follow it with 8 to 16 oz of Water.
2. You will fill full and completely content all day long. If taken before meals your appetite is significantly reduced.
3. Your system will be cleared out of all harmful toxins.
4. It is delicious, it is non fattening, but do not over consume.
5. It contains real coffee.

I am doing one cup a day for the month of January and I am so happy with my new figure. Holiday pounds are gone.


Narak Shopping

10 patches for weight loss

10PC/Bag Fat Burning Weight Loss Slim

1bag Fat Burning Weight Loss Slim Patch Slimming Diet Products Slimming Patches Weight Loss Cellulite Slimming Patch Stickers

1 bag =10 pieces
(100 pieces is the quantity of one period of treatment)

the method of use:
You can use several pcs in different places on your body.Please use them at night
when you are sleeping,and take them away at morning. Please to make sure you have
7.5 hours to sleep and do not drink coffee and any drink which have caffeine after 2:30pm
every day. Please do not use them if you are a pregnant woman, and do not use them when
you are at the time of Menstrual period.Do not eat any sea food during using them. Different
people have different situation, some one will take few days some one will take long time to
loss weight.If you feel not good please stop using them. Good Luck!

Every night every day in the minus visible
The use of 3 day: defecation and increased frequency of defecation, and after each defecation,
the toilet can see floating around on the thin layer of oil. This shows that in vivo intestinal oil has
begun to break down and eliminate.

The use of 5 days: you will find one every day to reduce stomach, waist circumference is also smaller
waist curves begin to be felt.

The use of 10 days: My goodness, I could not believe a whole lost 5 kg, waist circumference is also
from the original 2-foot 4 to return to a one-foot 9, is even more amazing is, the skin becomes smooth
and delicate resilient.

This is a beautiful hand made bag from Thailand. It is very fashionable and designed after the traditional Thai Bags using beautifully hand woven cloth from Thai Tribal Looms. Hand stitched embroidery.

Top Closure: Zip
Size of Bag (WxH):35x42cm
Strap: 30cm
Inside: lined and Zip Pocket

Lightweight Large capacity

I have only one. I have seen a comparable but less detailed bag online for as much as $139.99.

The cheapest I found was same size and make but plain cloth bag for $32.99

This is a Bargain.


Get started on losing those extra Holiday Pounds.

Fitne Herbal Infusion – 5 Pack

Weight Loss Herbal Tea

One Packet Contains 4 Tea Bags

Direction : Drop one bag in a cup of boiling water
Leave for 10 – 20 minutes.
Drink before bedtime as needed.

3 Herbal Flavors
Brown – Original
Yellow – Chrysanthemum 28%
Green – Green Tea leaves and Garcinia Atrovindis

Each bag contains in addition to the teas above:
Senna Leaves
Senna Pods

From William
Poey (Phayom Phankantha)


Narak Shopping Chrysanthemum Tea

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Tea is the perfect warm drink for people who need a way to take a timeout from their busy day. The process, boiling water, steeping the leaves, and sitting down to drink is calming. One of the best things about tea is that it brings more than calming properties. Tea and chrysanthemum tea, in particular, offers unique health benefits.

Chrysanthemum Tea is A Northern Thailand Product from Narak Shopping and is 100% chrysanthemum blossoms.

Chrysanthemum has a long history of use by doctors for its healing properties. Using the whole flower to make tea is a great way to further unlock its healing abilities. Chrysanthemum tea provides vitamin C which is essential to the immune system. Regular drinkers are sure to notice that they get sick less often. Chrysanthemum tea is also a natural way to increase alertness without caffeine. Most teas contained caffeine, but chrysanthemum relies on natural compounds to keep you alert.

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One of the benefits of Chrysanthemum tea is that it is useful for treating a variety of heat-related afflictions. Chinese medical practitioners have used chrysanthemum tea’s cooling properties for years. Drinking the tea when you have a fever will shorten how long the fever persists. The tea also helps to treat heat rashes which arise from internal temperature imbalance. And best of all it helps regulate hot flashes that arise during Hormone fluctuations.

Helps deal with Hot Flashes and any heat-related afflictions Tweet This

Chrysanthemum tea can ease chronic conditions such as high blood pressure or diabetes. The natural antioxidants in the tea improve the health of your whole body. Your liver, kidneys, and heart all benefit from the tea’s natural compounds. The tea increases blood flow which also helps your body heal wounds.

The Natural antioxidants in Chrysanthemum Tea helps your liver, kidneys and heart. Tweet This

Indigestion is an ailment that many people use teas to cure. Chrysanthemum tea’s unique natural compounds let it treat many stomach issues. The tea soothes upset stomachs and reduces nausea when consumed. Drinking it with a meal also helps reduce indigestion caused by heavy foods. You will also find that a health benefit of Chrysanthemum tea is it’s ability to help sooth an upset stomach.

The benefits of chrysanthemum tea do not all come from drinking it. The tea makes a great gargle solution that treats a toothache or painful gums. You can also use the tea on your skin to treat acne or stress based headaches. The healing properties of the tea are extensive.

Chrysanthemum Tea can even be applied directly to your skin to treat acne or stress headaches. Tweet This

One major use of chrysanthemum tea in traditional medicine is as a detoxifier. The antioxidants in the tea target both the liver and the kidneys. The antioxidants promote the health of these essential organs and keep them working. This helps them cleanse your blood of toxins and remove them from your body. The tea’s diuretic properties help speed this process even further. The antibacterial properties of the tea also help your body fight infection.

If the Chrysanthemum tea benefits sound like they will help you in your day to day life you can purchase it here on TripleClicks.

Work Together, Rise Together,

Weight Loss Earrings Healthy Stimulating Acupoints Stud Magnetic Therapy

100% brand new and high quality
Item Type: Massage & Relaxation
Material: Stone Needle
Model Number: ear massager
Usage: two Cikou sucked in need of treatment corresponding to acupuncture points, repeatedly press day, press for at least 10 times, can not be the time and place restrictions, repeated treatment.
No Drugs! No Dieting! No Side Effects!
No chemicals, no pills!
Self treatment auricular therapy using acupressure via magnetic pressure on specific points on the ear.
No piercing – the magnets will stay in place by magnetic attraction.
Effectively improves blood circulation, promote metabolism.
One set of 1 pair last a lifetime unless you lose it, so keep them in place when not in use.
Helps manage weight and improve vision using auricular magnetic therapy in the form of bio-magnetic earrings studs. It works on acupressure and the magnets work through auricular therapy using the acupuncture principles to stimulate certain auricular points by acupressure to overcome hunger, suppressing appetite and control compulsive eating.
“Auriculotherapy, or auricular therapy, or ear acupuncture, or auriculoacupuncture is a form of alternative medicine based on the idea that the ear is a microsystem which reflects the entire body, represented on the auricle, the outer portion of the ear.”
Color: Black
Shape: Round
Quantity: 1 Pair
1. Due to the different monitor and light effect, the actual color of the item might be slightly different from the color showed on the pictures. Thank you!
2. Please allow 1-5 mm measuring deviation due to manual measurement.
Package includes:

1 pairs auricular therapy earrings


LIPO 9 BURN SLIM HIGHT FIBER has a very high fiber. Eliminate fat with excretion. The maximum weight loss of 8 kg / month.

Inhibits the starch into sugar, reduce appetite, helps the digestive system better. Feel comfortable.

There are no side effects. It is a natural product. Remove all fat.

Reduce blood cholesterol, Reduce sugar, Reduce weight loss.

Weight Loss Pack Rich Choc

Lose weight the healthy way

The Weight Loss Pack is packed with a 30-day supply of everything you need in order to see maximum “body shaping” results: Four (15-serving) NeoLifeShake canisters and one (30-serving) box of Pro Vitality.

NeoLifeShake is designed to fuel your body with lean protein, over 25 vitamins and minerals, and fibre. Made of our proprietary protein blend and based on the science of Glyceamic Response Control Technology, these shakes help minimise fat storage and maximise fat burning.*

Pro Vitality supports abundant energy, antioxidant protection, heart health, immune strength, brain function, healthy joints, clear vision, and youthful skin, hair & nails.*

* This Medicine has not been evaluated by the Medicines Control Council. This medicine is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease

To relieve cracked heels, effectively helps heal, repair, and moisture and soothe cracked heels. lt provides comfort by reducing roughness and by sealing moisture onto the cracked skin. Fast relief In 3 days.

Material: Extracted Banana peel , Vaseline , paraffin , Vitamin E ,Olive oil and others. Size: 20 g.

About the Product
Banana peel extract helps heal the cracks in your heals. Making them both attractive and comfortable
Ingredient : Banana extract, Olive Oil, Vaseline, Vitamin E and Herbs.
The skin is smooth Soft. You’ll see see results within 3 days.

Instruction :
1.Clean your feet.
2.Apply cream on cracked heel 2 times daily with short massage.

The top fitness gurus will be begging you for this…
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Health Is Wealth, as they say. You can have all the richest in the world, but it won’t be worth jack if you’re the richest man in the graveyard!

The truth is, every single human being on earth has a deeper desire to live a healthier and invigorating life. It’s part of us and theres no reason why we should deny ourselves of this energy.

Heres the cold, hard fact:

The main reason why 99% of the world is not experiencing the level of wellness they deserve is because they lack the knowledge and the know-how!
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Ask yourself, have you ever faced any of these problems in your life?

-Feeling helpless and unable to act when it comes to the area oh health and wellness.

-Feel like you are fighting an uphill battle trying to lose weight, but the more you try the more demotivated you get.

-Other people seem to deal with the area of fitness with no problems at all.

-You are totally clueless when it comes to keeping fit and healthy.

Well, you are not alone. Ive once walked down this lost path and I told myself that I would do whatever it takes to figure out the key to mastering all aspects of health and wellness.
And after years of research, Ive finally come up with the ultimate solution.

Introducing The Complete Compendium Of Everything Related To Health And Wellness

Everything You Need To Know About Health And Wellness – Nuff’ Said!
Heres an overview of this Health And Wellness Compendium!
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-You’ll have instant access to everything there is to be known about creating a healthy lifestyle for yourself

-You’ll be introduced to different types of workouts and exercises for all ages

-You’ll tap into the secrets of holistic health for overall wellness!

Let me shed some light on some things that may be on your mind:

Will this guide help me to live a healthier life and have a nicer physique?

Short answer: Absolutely! This manual is all about helping you master every single aspect of wellness and health so you can quickly create the level of fitness and health you desire!

Will I be able to implement these health strategies easily?

Most definitely! Besides mindset training, the fitness and wellness strategies have been mapped out clearly in this guide so that anyone whether a novice or beginner can start learning and applying these techniques and achieve results fast!

Wow, this is too good to be true! Will this cost me a bomb?

Here’s the good news, NO. I want everybody to be able to have access to these great health and wellness tools because I knew what it was like, struggling as an overweight smoker and alcoholic without anyone to guide me. Now that I’ve found the way, I want this ultimate guide to jump start your success regardless of which level of health you are in!

If youre still sitting on the fence, here’s 5 great reasons to invest in The Health And Wellness Compendium!

Youll never have that feeling of frustration of not knowing how to improve your health and wellness level.

These secret fitness and wellness techniques are only known by a select few of top fitness gurus, and you will be getting access to these precious jewels immediately!

Many people fail to live past the age of 50 because of their worsening health condition. Isn’t about time you changed things?

Your friends will be begging you to tell them your secrets to looking fighting fit!

With your new found health and wellness tools, you start feeling more energetic and motivated to take on the world!

So how much will this cost you?


But hey, like I said. I want EVERYBODY to be able to afford this amazing Health and wellness compendium because the value it provides is literally mind blowing!

So, Ive decided to lower the costs of this product.

Hence, your total investment in The Complete Compendium Of Everything Related To Health And Wellness Is: $3.97 Only

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Read,read,learn,read until you understand what has been read.
Now apply what you learned.
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A booth at our farmers’ market is selling Moringa. It is touted to be nature’s perfect food. via @wflo

Now consider this. Moringa is a consumable. That means happy customers will buy this product over and over again. Suppose you started in SFI this month. You sell one Large Moringa to a repeat customer. You will make EA easily and never invest a penny.

But better than that, you sell a second Moringa next month. Now you’re building a residual income. More and more VP every month. And that does not even consider the commissions you’ll make.

And better still, as the subject line says, “Are you taking care of You?” Your order could be 1 Large Moringa a month. This would be enough for a family of 4 every month. You would be building a healthy business and maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

I personally know the producers of this product. The Moringa is grown here in Thailand and supplied from both Thailand and Singapore. It is produced to the highest quality standards. It is 100% pure with no additives.

Consider these three values:

Moringa oleifera has more iron than spinach (5.3-28.2 mg vs 2.7 mg) via @wflo

Moringa oleifera has more vitamin C than oranges (120-220 mg vs 69.7 mg per Orange) via @wflo

Moringa oleifera has more potassium than bananas (1324 mg vs 422 mg) via @wflo


I’m William.

In previous emails I discussed the simple health benefits for men from drinking a single glass of Soy Milk a day. Now the same for women, from the same, single serving a day.
Prevent Postmenopausal Syndromes – During menopause, a woman’s natural production of estrogen drops to a minimum. The sudden reduction of estrogen creates a number of health problems for postmenopausal women. Postmenopausal women have higher risks of heart disease, diabetes and obesity. They are also more vulnerable to depression, mood swings, insomnia and other psychological disorders. The phytoestrogen in soy is an effective estrogen replacement. Regular intake of soy is a great way to prevent and alleviate these postmenopausal syndromes. via @wflo

Prevent Osteoporosis – Osteoporosis is another age and hormone related disease. The phytoestrogen in soy can help accelerate calcium absorption by your body and prevent the loss of bone mass. For the maximum benefit, make sure to buy the soy milk that is fortified with extra calcium and vitamin D. via @wflo

Strengthen Blood Vessel Integrity – The omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids as well as the powerful phyto-antioxidants in soy can effectively protect your blood vessels from lesions and hemorrhage. These compounds bind to the blood vessel lining and defend your lining cells from free radical attacks and cholesterol deposits. The binding of these nutrients also improve the fluidity and flexibility of your blood vessels so that they are much more resilient to blood pressure changes. via @wflo

Now in the next email is the huge Weight Loss Promotion from drinking Soy. And Weight Loss sells.

Work Together Rise Together
William Floyd

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