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 I don’t know about you but it is awesome to me how the cosmos explodes. It cannot ever be duplicated. Just like trying to clone a man. It will never be a perfect image of you. There will always be differences and that makes everything unique in it’s own way. I think it is so neat how because of all the differences in people that makes us all vital to one another in a unique way.

The very thought of being unique should increase our importance to the survival of the species.

Mystery of the cosmic dawn: What’s eating the first starlight?

A shoestring experiment in the Australian outback has seen the signal of the very first stars – and a weird effect astronomers are struggling to explain


Stewart Mcreath

IN THE dusty, dry outback of Western Australia there is nothing for miles around but red dirt, unpaved roads and the occasional kangaroo. A journey across this alien landscape is a lesson in solitude – just you and the road, a 4×4 as essential as a sense of adventure. Astronomer Judd Bowman at Arizona State University has been coming here for nearly a decade to visit the Murchison Radio-astronomy Observatory, an old sheep and cattle station repurposed as a place to listen to the universe.

It hardly seems the stage for a scientific revolution, meagre compared with the cathedral-like majesty of machines like the Large Hadron Collider at CERN. Yet what Bowman and his colleagues have discovered here, using a telescope half the size of a ping-pong table, spells trouble for our picture of the early universe.

It could mean that our ideas about dark matter, the mysterious glue that holds the universe together, are all wrong. It could be that gravity, the force that determines how the cosmos evolves, doesn’t work how we think it does. Or maybe black holes were eating into the early universe long before we thought possible. One thing is certain: if Bowman’s results hold up – and it’s a big if – this could be a milestone moment in the history of cosmology.

When Bowman first started jeeping across the outback in 2009, he was chasing the bright lights of the early universe. In the aftermath of the big bang, the cosmos was full of hydrogen atoms, floating alone in the frigid darkness. As millions of years sailed by, clouds …

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