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10. Get Some Perspective

Today is one day out of your entire life. Unless you’re going to die soon, it’s probably not going to be that big of a deal. If it’s one of your days off, you may find yourself doing nothing because you want to figure out the best way to spend such limited time. If it’s one of your work days, there will be other days where other things happen. Whatever the moment is, it’s a blip in your life. Chances are you won’t remember it in a week. That’s not to say you shouldn’t pay attention to what you truly care about, but you shouldn’t dwell on it either. You have food, a place to live, and something to do most days. You probably have fun once in a while. Maybe you even have people who care about you. Focus on the good stuff, and remember the rest is going to be a distant memory very quickly. Spending your time moaning to yourself (and others) about how awful your job is won’t solve the problem. Just don’t do it, and focus on the positive.

9. Bring Yourself to Work

Presumably you’re already doing this in the physical sense, but if you have a creative side or other interests it can make your job more fun if you find ways to integrate them. One of my primary duties at a job a long time ago involved addressing catalogs for an advertising school. I made this more fun by illustrating the envelopes based on the person’s name. Eventually some people called because they liked it and I was given some design work. At another job we had to learn a new product the company acquired that made online slideshows by actually using it to make one. I wrote a song about a womanizing spatula named Denny who finally met the woman (or, well, “female” inanimate object) of his dreams, took some photos of household objects, and put together a stop motion music video. Also, the entire thing was in Google-translated Spanish. Whenever my job got me down, either because it was boring or I just needed something to break the monotony, I’d try to bring something I enjoyed to the work. Obviously this takes more time, but all the little strange things I did at those jobs are my favorite memories. While not every job will let you bring your (potentially strange) personality to the table, I highly recommend doing it if you can find a way. Nothing brightened up the day more.

8. Watch Out for False Starts

Bad days generally occur when a number of little frustrations happen in succession. On their own they might not be a big deal and you’d go on forgetting about them, but together they make you think the universe is plotting against you. These are false starts, and they’re often the root of bad days. When things appear to be going worse than usual, take a step back and look at what happened. You are not so important that an entire day has been set aside specifically for your personal misery. Dissect each moment, realize your being ridiculous, and make fun of yourself when you can. If you look at a situation realistically, you can sometimes stop a potential bad day before it starts.How to Beat a Bad Day Before It Starts.It often seems like the moment a bad day begins there is no way out of it—we’re just doomed to …

7. Be Healthy

A balanced mind and body makes a big difference when it comes to everything that you do—even the things you don’t like. The idea isn’t to just become a person who hates their job with fancy muscles, but to allow your physical and mental needs to take precedence over pretty much everything else. For starters, decide when you have to go to bed each night (it can be a range) and follow it. Find exercise you can and will do 3-4 times per week and do it. Don’t worry about how minimal it is. Start making some cheap and healthy food. Set aside some time each day to just relax and do nothing. Schedule it all if you need to, but make sure you don’t let your job get int the way of your well-being. If you already don’t like it, neglecting your health is going to make it much, much worse.

Balance Your Mind, Not Your Work
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6. Block Out Negative Conversation

Complaining about your job can be fun because it seems cathartic, but venting your frustration will only make your anger worse. If that negativity spreads to your coworkers, you can exacerbate the problem by creating a hive mentality, or at least making everyone more miserable as a result. While you don’t want to bottle up your feelings until you go postal one day, you don’t have to approach everything negatively. Instead of complaining, consider solutions. Try to find ways to improve things. If you can’t change the way things work in the office, consider ways to help you cope with those problems. Being more proactive and less negative may not fix everything, but it can improve your situation.
Venting Frustration Will Only Make Your Anger Worse
Nobody recommends bottling up your anger, but venting your frustrations may actually be much worse. …

5. Take a Pay Cut

Seriously. Take a pay cut and get some extra job flexibility in return. Apparently many of you wouldn’t mind that option at all, and your company probably would love to pay you less. If you want to cut back on your hours, work from home on occasion, or get some other benefit that’s important to you, ask for a pay cut in exchange. You might just get it, and that benefit may make you a lot happier than money.

Would You Take a Pay Cut for More Job Flexibility?
A recent survey found that two thirds of workers would take a pay cut for greater job flexibility.…

4. Get Along With Your Co-Workers

When you hate your job, it’s easy to not want to get involved with your co-workers. Doing so means getting attached, and you don’t want to feel attached to any kind of employment that’s destroying your livelihood. That said, if you have friends at work you have people to make you less miserable. Also, according to one study, you might actually live longer. Even if you don’t think you’ll get along with certain people in the office, give it a shot. If it doesn’t work out, you can always just go back to being a loner.
Getting Along with Your Co-Workers Might Help You Live Longer
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3. Find Balance

Finding balance is easier said than done, but small, strategic changes can make a big difference. Sometimes it’s not so much that the work you do is soul suckingly awful, but that it’s consuming your life. Rather than find a new job and end up in the same situation all over again, stick with the one you’ve got and and pay attention to the small things. Take note of the little moments that make you happy and those that drive you up the wall. Try to remove the details you hate and replace it with more of the details you like. Big, grand decisions can be pleasing for a short amount of time, but if you never fix the little problems and neglect to embrace the little moments of happiness, history will be doomed to repeat itself.
Find a Balance Between Work and Life Through Small Strategic Changes
Nigel Marsh, author of Fat, Forty, and Fired gave a TED talk on achieving work-life balance

2. Learn to Deal With Your Crazy Boss

If work sucks, chances are your boss has something to do with it. But you can learn to cope. One way to deal with your boss’ insanity is to create some distance. For example, see if you can have your assignments filtered though someone else. You may also want to keep a crazy log and get as much as you can in writing so should things ever get so bad that you need to go to human resources you will be prepared. Just be sure not to engage your boss in a crazy contest, because they’re probably better at it than you are. For more details, read this.
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1. Just Quit

If you’re truly at the end of your rope and there’s no way you’ll survive much longer, you need to create a quitting plan. Yes, you think you have to stay to pay your rent, and yes, you think you’ll never find another job in this market. Save up enough money to make it at least one month and then you need to quit. You can take a few days to relax and recoup but then you have the rest of that month to find another place to work. There’s no better motivator than potential homelessness. Plus, you’ll have all those work hours to dedicate to your search. At eight hours a day, that comes out to about 180 hours for the month (give or take a few). That’s a lot of time. If you’re diligent and use that time wisely, you should be able to find something else.

A mans what?

“I have some good news: Male attractiveness is far more contextual and malleable than female attractiveness, so there are more ways in which a man who is not genetically-gifted can raise his desirability, by making different choices.

Let’s focus on three fixes, in order of how quickly you realize returns on time investment.

1. Let’s start with something that is the most easily-fixed:

Are you reading this on a computer or cell phone? Of course you are. Freeze – don’t move just because you’re reading this, but what is your posture right now?

 Admit it: this is how you look/positioned right now.

Are you at least partially hunched over? It’s almost a certainty – nearly everyone has bad posture and it is exacerbated by our constantly online/digital life.

Being regularly slumped/hunched-over visits a cluster of cascading bad consequences to your life, including negative impact on your long-term spinal health. For now, let’s focus on appearances:

Want to look better in seconds? Straighten up your body.

For those of you more visually-oriented, imagine you’re a puppet with a string attached to the top of your head. The puppeteer who is controlling “you” pulls gently until your feet are barely grazing the floor – that’s the correct position for both health as well as maximizing your own height and personal presence. And since most people (including handsomer men than you) have bad posture, you can easily set yourself apart and place yourself in the top 10 percent of men in most rooms, just by the act of maintaining a good posture.

Are you sitting or standing straighter as a result of reading the last paragraphs? We don’t know each other, yet I just improved your looks buy a couple of points.

You’re welcome.

2. Weight Lifting

The human body is a remarkable machine – the harder you work it, the more beautiful it becomes. You don’t need to commit to a hardcore bodybuilder schedule to reap the benefits – two to three times a week of weights that push you to muscle failure after 5~10 repetitions will be sufficient.

Newbie men tend to fixate on upper body, but the real benefits come when you incorporate deadlifts, squats and lower-body training to your regimen – a strong core and well-developed glutes/legs will help you default to a healthy posture (as mentioned in 1. above) and you will “catch” yourself less frequently in a bad slouching posture if you are regularly lifting and pushing your muscles and training them to failure on a regular basis.

The further to the right you go on this gradient, the better your life gets.

Once you develop a decent level of musculature, you will realize an awesome passive benefit: muscle consume more calories, and so a more-muscular “you” has a baseline metabolism at a much higher level, so even while you’re resting, you’re going to burn more fat than a sedentary version of you.

Weightlifting – the gift that keeps on giving!

3. Cultivate/Amplify/Develop Gender-Atypical Interests & Hobbies

As a guy, have you had the experience of being in a stereotypically-male environment (gun range, mixed-martial arts dojo, sports-car track-day event, video game tournament, etc.) and see a woman show up alone, and with her own gear to participate (i.e. she’s not the +1 girlfriend of some guy, who dragged her there)?

If you’re like me, your reaction is probably some variant of “OMG, that is so awesome, I need to meet/know more about her!”

Jessica is a Swedish sports car enthusiast who owns and races a modified Porsche 911 Turbo (997 variant), and crushes very impressive lap times; she almost certainly can outdrive you. Yes, those are three pedals you see there – she drives a stick-shift. Line form that way, fellas. There are thousands of Porsche enthusiasts who want to marry her ahead of you.

Whatever level of attractiveness she commands is amplified by a factor of ten – her rarity in an arena that is stereotypically and overwhelmingly male raises the social-currency value of her existing beauty by a massive multiplier.

That’s great for her, but what does all that mean to you?

Be the male version of Porsche-racing Jessica.

Sure, you’re into mixed-martial arts, video games, fast cars, sports and shooting guns. So is every other guy.

Don’t give up your hobbies, but take some time to feel out activities that you can genuinely enjoy, that most men don’t take the initiative to explore.

Salsa dancing. Poetry slams. Book-reading clubs. Cooking classes. Wine-tasting tours.

Me, I have a little dog and the small-dog meetups are basically filled with dog-loving young women and gay men. Nearly zero competition.

As the lone (or minority) male in an otherwise female-dominated arena, your contextual attractiveness skyrockets, and if you can talk intelligently about the subject matter (i.e. you’re not there just to meet girls), you set yourself far, far apart from your male competitors (who fill their days playing video games/shooting guns/racing cars with each other, while complaining about how they can’t meet any women).

Good luck.

And by the time you’re reading this sentence, many of you are back to your default slouch so I will repeat the advice I gave at the top:

Sit up straight! 😀 ”

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