Mini, mini, mini

   “Short dresses and mini skirts are notuncomfortable to wear.

They are tricky to wear.
What are the challenges of wearing such outfits?
If proper care is not taken, or a wrong move is made, there is the risk ofunwillingly showing private parts for all to see.
And this unfortunate sequence of events can make a dent on the person’s image.
That is the potential problem.
Lets take a look at some pictures and see what challenges those women are facing.
Did you saw any problem with the pictures of Emma Watson above?
None, right?
As you saw above, Emma Watson isfabulous on all short dresses she was wearing and incredibly elegant.
And we don’t see any wardrobemalfunction, and she is like a powerful magnet grabbing everybody’s attention.
She would anyway, since she is drop dead beautiful and anything she puts on, the result is fabulous.
Here is another example of short dresses by Scarlett Johansson with different results.
Scarlett Johansson sells an incredible sexy image and she seems very comfortable wearing these short dresses.
Obviously she will have a tough time getting out of cars with any of these outfits, but that is part of living dangerously in the name of her profession.
So, in summary, short dresses is part of establishing an image for celebrities and people in the fashion and entertainment industry.
And it is part of their living, making sure their image (like those above) are all over the media, news, magazines, TV, etc.
How about the normal girl which is not a celebrity nor a wannabe celebrity?
She can wear any of the above short dress (please do!) but making sure she is prepared for any wardrobe malfunction that can happen with a wrong move.
But even with all the risks involved, the feeling of been the center of attention is priceless!
So, what are you waiting for to buy one of those, girl?
Don’t you want to feel great?
Make your move and make someone around you very happy!
PS: you will also need one of those high heels with a short dress, right?”

Brain tease

  1. Bring your arms towards your face so that both your index fingers are next to each other while your palms face you.
  2. Start rotating your right hand (or left hand if you are a lefty) clock wise so that both your index fingers meet at the same point after finishing one rotation.
  3. Start rotating your other hand anti clockwise.
If you can do that then :
While sitting at your desk, lift your right foot off the floor and make clockwise circles. Now, while doing this, draw the number “6” in the air with your right hand.”


When is the last time that you got a good nights sleep. It seems so hard to go to sleep sometimes. Who beside me has had this happen to them. It seems like you are so tired until your head hits the pillow and then, no sleep comes right away. It is fun to lay down and go to sleep in what seems like an instant.

What do you think about google?

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    Change begins with a new move to a new city. Sometimes we have to relocate to do something different with our lives. I am starting this season with a new location in my view. It took all of my life to arrive at my new location but I am glad that I made the move. Doing better sometimes includes a move to somewhere that you love being,it could be in or out of your country. I have spent small moments abroad and that was wonderful. It has been awhile since I went abroad but it was great.

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    Everyone needs a quality job.
Who beside me has been looking to change their life by finding a quality job
to go to? I have been doing temporary work but that has to change to something
that brings in enough income to change my standard of living for the better. I
know that there is a quality job that exists for me and I believe
that I will soon find it. I also have a special friend that is looking for the
same thing that I am and I believe that it is going to happen soon. Who beside
me is looking now?
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      Have you ever
thought about leaving the world with all of its cares behind? It is strange how
life sometimes brings about changes that we often find ourselves unprepared to
understand the where and why of the events. I have been fortunate enough to
survive those times and keep going. Life has the tendency of throwing curve
balls and not giving any warning beforehand. Sometimes we are fortunate enough
to react before suffering any major damage or setbacks. Surprises come from
without and some even come from within us. How many have suffered diseases that
we never knew we had until we happened to be having a checkup that turned into
a time that we learned of some unexpected change in our health or in someone
that we loved health. This list could go on endlessly to include events that
could be escaped by getting proper medical treatment or treatment of some other
kind. Escape takes the form of physical or even mental escape. Our minds are
seeking escape from some other the problems that we face from day to day life.

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