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See Satellites?

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Last week we talked about satellites, but your  following question was about “how many satellites are active or inactive” is answered by Google claiming that:

About 1,100 active satellites, both government and private. Plus there are about 2,600 ones that no longer work. Russia launched the first satellite, Sputnik 1, in 1957. 

Now your next question will be how much did we spend on the 2,600 satellites that are no longer working (inactive indefinitely)?

Well, not all of them were American, so you spent only few hundred billions or may be trillions. Oh! ?What Satellite

Many satellite companies and businesses will continuously promote for satellites benefits, and you can see now why, don’t you?

One published article talked about the disadvantage of satellites, including the terribly high cost, their sudden failure, their unrepairable nature due to their location (space), or their disappearance. The article didn’t talk about the satellites’ effects on your weather, because it’s a sensitive subject for anyone to talk about. There is no info about it!!

Satellites are expensive. In addition to the cost of building one of these devices, there is also the cost of launching the satellite into space. Satellites are costly even when they are successfully launched, but all too often, launches end in failure. In 2017, the billion-dollar spy satellite, Zuma, was lost when the rocket carrying it faile …. More

What Satellite

You see now how it is quite complicated to get some answers about some tools that are supposed to be helping you, and not affecting your weather. For example, what is the relationship between the global warming and the satellites? And do not accept an answer without proofs. ?

What Satellite

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Who wants to be famous?

   “Dan Bilzerian is the undisputed king of Instagram and therefore wields tremendous influence in boosting the follower counts of anybody in his photos, especially young scantily clad women. A weekend with Dan can take a relatively unknown girl and boost her into the hundreds of thousands of followers. All she has to do is show up, eat some dinners with Dan, take some ridiculous photos and bam she’s boosted her following ten fold. They are models, not escorts. Sex is not part of their job.

Occasionally there will be celebrity pornstars and models as well, but the bulk of these girls are Instagram fitness models or just have a lot of Instagram hype.
It costs him nothing, but he has to pay for food, private jets, transportation, guns and ammo. He doesn’t care though because he flies private anyways, shoots guns in the desert, and has crazy parties and dinners all the time regardless if he has women around or not. These women are just partaking in his lifestyle. Dan is honestly the king.

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Sexy bottoms

   “Lets rephrase the question: why girls put outfits like the ones below? (pay attention to these pictures, there is a quiz at the end of the post).

Question #1: why girls go out with these types of clothing?
Answer: because they want to feel great.
Question #2: do they mind when men stare at their butts?
Answer: yes and no
  • Yes – here men are classified in atable that goes from 0 to 10. Zeromeans idiot and immature andTen means smart and cute. So, if you are caught staring at their butts, you are given a zero, and whatever you do later on doesn’t matter. You were terminated, toasted. Zero chances to get closer to that part of her anatomy.
  • No – here she didn’t see you staring at her nice butt, and when she looks back to check on you, you are looking straight as if there is nothing there. You get a 10, and your chances to get closer to that part of her anatomy, increases exponentially.
So, now you know why that dark sunglasses always comes handy when a nice butt like those above approaches you.
Here a cookie to give her if she smiles at you after not catching you staring at her butt.
Now the 1 million dollar question about the pictures above: how manycats you saw with the girls?
No, you know the drill, you can’t go back to check!
If you cheat, you will be grounded for 1 week!”

Stardom is ageless

   “They’re all going to look different. Age does that to you. Basically, you’re looking for non smokers in this particular age group. The smokers are all dead.

Young Jane Fonda
Old Jane Fonda
Young Paul Newman:
Old Paul Newman: (Died 2008)
Young Michael Caine:
Old Michael Caine:
Young Richard Chamberlain:
Old Richard Chamberlain:
My favorite at any age: Julie Andrews:
Not quite so young Julie Andrews:
Young Olivia DeHavilland:
Old Olivia DeHavilland:
Yes, she’s still alive. She’s 100 this year. Yay Olivia!”
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Are women hard to figure out?

   ” The poet John Lychgate once said “You can please some of the people all of the time, you can please all of the people some of the time, but you can’t please all of the people all of the time.” And you only need to look at these illustrations to realize how true that is.
They’re drawn by artist and fashion designer Daisy Bernard, and they represent the fact that women are judged regardless of the expectations they try to live up to. Dress conservatively and you’re frigid, but wear something revealing and you’re obviously a slut. Likewise, women are often encouraged to be more assertive in the office, but when they are they’re considered bossy. “Women are being told to take off their bikinis and undress on the beach,” wrote Bernard in an article for The Tab. “But at the same time we should keep ourselves covered up, and shouldn’t show too much skin. These ridiculous expectations are created usually by men, and in many cases by other women too.”
More info: Instagram (h/t: The Tab)
Source: www.facebook.com

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A Chinese Story

   ”  am a Chinese, left my country with my 5 years boy, and my husband.

I don’t know what’s other person’s motivation of immigration. But I would like to share mine – hope it helps to understand the situation better.
My husband and I both worked in large cities for many year. We had a decent life, with all the years of hard work in large international companies. I used to work in a professional media company, and my husband worked for those IT companies for years.
We bought our detached house in the suburb of Shanghai, with a lot of Morgage of course. And then I had my baby boy.
It seemed everything went on well. We read many sad stories from the media, but personally, you would think that’s just stories for most of the time.
With many of his friends, my husband used to went to an island very often. It’s near Xiamen, a city he lived and worked for over 10 years in the east of China. There they discovered a small restaurant at the seaside – the owner offers wonderful fresh seafood – a perfect runaway activity for them in the weekends.
After left that Xiamen city many years, one day, we received a friend’s call for help. As her family still visited the restaurant sometimes, she and her husband becomes friends with the owner soon. And she’s calling for the owner, calling for help.
It was the owner’s son, a 14 years boy. He was suddenly found sick for no clues – his platelet number dropped so horrifyingly, even to a single digital level. The local doctors couldnot find out what’s wrong at all. All these happened within a month. We were living in the center of the country Shanghai then, and my husband was majored in bio-chemistry. So that this friend called us for help, searching for any good medical resources in Shanghai that might help the boy.
We did many searching for them. We found out the best hospital in Shanghai and tried to convince them coming to visit it. However, the boy was too weak to make any further moves – he died several weeks later, no one knew that’s going on on him by the time he died.
One year later, we were contacted by that friend again – she’s helping the restaurant owner with a new question. For many years, there has been a factory in about 7km distance towards his island. That factory produces P-Xylene, locally called it PX factory. That week, in the news, they found out there was an explosive incident happened in the factory. The owner’s wife was pregnant at the moment. They wanted to know if that would do any harm to her baby.
We spent several nights doing our research. Every Chinese media release says it’s safe. However, we read a lot of international research articles, and studied the production process. Sadly, we found out, all the symptoms the died boy had, exactly matches benzene poisoning. And that benzene, was a mid product of that factory.
My own baby was about 6 months at that moment. As a sentiment new mom, I cried over night for that 14- year boy passed away. I asked my husband the same question over and over- “should we find out the reason earlier, would it make any difference?” It seems there’s no good way for final treatment to the poisoning.
We called the friend in the early morning, telling her all about that. She’s a new mom as well, with a boy 9 months old by then. She tried to convince the owner leaving the island, but they told her they had no choice. That’s their homeland, and a only place they know how to live, with all the islanders of an over 7000 population.
Both my friends and us tried to warn to our friends – we posted warnings with the whole story on all our social media. But, all the posts were deleted within mintues. It was no an “allowed” topic.
Two months later, my husband finally rises the immigration topic between us. I understood his feeling, just as mine. The owner thought he had no choice. We think we do. Looking at my son – he has an allergic problem to the highly- polluted air, worked just as a monitor. When our weather forecast said it’s a bad day(pm 2.5 over 300, or even 400), his nose would become so sensitive that it starts to bleed constantly, 6–7 times per day.
Luckily, my family still had a choice. Sadly, we had no choice.
We applied for immigrant. After piles of materials preparation, we finally received the approval. Then we sold everything there – house, car, everything. We left our friends, our job, and our home, with no choice.
Yes, there are rich Chinese who seeking to hide their dirty money somewhere. But there are more common ones, just as us, seeking for fresh air.”
#Hong Kong

A mans what?

“I have some good news: Male attractiveness is far more contextual and malleable than female attractiveness, so there are more ways in which a man who is not genetically-gifted can raise his desirability, by making different choices.

Let’s focus on three fixes, in order of how quickly you realize returns on time investment.

1. Let’s start with something that is the most easily-fixed:

Are you reading this on a computer or cell phone? Of course you are. Freeze – don’t move just because you’re reading this, but what is your posture right now?

 Admit it: this is how you look/positioned right now.

Are you at least partially hunched over? It’s almost a certainty – nearly everyone has bad posture and it is exacerbated by our constantly online/digital life.

Being regularly slumped/hunched-over visits a cluster of cascading bad consequences to your life, including negative impact on your long-term spinal health. For now, let’s focus on appearances:

Want to look better in seconds? Straighten up your body.

For those of you more visually-oriented, imagine you’re a puppet with a string attached to the top of your head. The puppeteer who is controlling “you” pulls gently until your feet are barely grazing the floor – that’s the correct position for both health as well as maximizing your own height and personal presence. And since most people (including handsomer men than you) have bad posture, you can easily set yourself apart and place yourself in the top 10 percent of men in most rooms, just by the act of maintaining a good posture.

Are you sitting or standing straighter as a result of reading the last paragraphs? We don’t know each other, yet I just improved your looks buy a couple of points.

You’re welcome.

2. Weight Lifting

The human body is a remarkable machine – the harder you work it, the more beautiful it becomes. You don’t need to commit to a hardcore bodybuilder schedule to reap the benefits – two to three times a week of weights that push you to muscle failure after 5~10 repetitions will be sufficient.

Newbie men tend to fixate on upper body, but the real benefits come when you incorporate deadlifts, squats and lower-body training to your regimen – a strong core and well-developed glutes/legs will help you default to a healthy posture (as mentioned in 1. above) and you will “catch” yourself less frequently in a bad slouching posture if you are regularly lifting and pushing your muscles and training them to failure on a regular basis.

The further to the right you go on this gradient, the better your life gets.

Once you develop a decent level of musculature, you will realize an awesome passive benefit: muscle consume more calories, and so a more-muscular “you” has a baseline metabolism at a much higher level, so even while you’re resting, you’re going to burn more fat than a sedentary version of you.

Weightlifting – the gift that keeps on giving!

3. Cultivate/Amplify/Develop Gender-Atypical Interests & Hobbies

As a guy, have you had the experience of being in a stereotypically-male environment (gun range, mixed-martial arts dojo, sports-car track-day event, video game tournament, etc.) and see a woman show up alone, and with her own gear to participate (i.e. she’s not the +1 girlfriend of some guy, who dragged her there)?

If you’re like me, your reaction is probably some variant of “OMG, that is so awesome, I need to meet/know more about her!”

Jessica is a Swedish sports car enthusiast who owns and races a modified Porsche 911 Turbo (997 variant), and crushes very impressive lap times; she almost certainly can outdrive you. Yes, those are three pedals you see there – she drives a stick-shift. Line form that way, fellas. There are thousands of Porsche enthusiasts who want to marry her ahead of you.

Whatever level of attractiveness she commands is amplified by a factor of ten – her rarity in an arena that is stereotypically and overwhelmingly male raises the social-currency value of her existing beauty by a massive multiplier.

That’s great for her, but what does all that mean to you?

Be the male version of Porsche-racing Jessica.

Sure, you’re into mixed-martial arts, video games, fast cars, sports and shooting guns. So is every other guy.

Don’t give up your hobbies, but take some time to feel out activities that you can genuinely enjoy, that most men don’t take the initiative to explore.

Salsa dancing. Poetry slams. Book-reading clubs. Cooking classes. Wine-tasting tours.

Me, I have a little dog and the small-dog meetups are basically filled with dog-loving young women and gay men. Nearly zero competition.

As the lone (or minority) male in an otherwise female-dominated arena, your contextual attractiveness skyrockets, and if you can talk intelligently about the subject matter (i.e. you’re not there just to meet girls), you set yourself far, far apart from your male competitors (who fill their days playing video games/shooting guns/racing cars with each other, while complaining about how they can’t meet any women).

Good luck.

And by the time you’re reading this sentence, many of you are back to your default slouch so I will repeat the advice I gave at the top:

Sit up straight! 😀 ”

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Topless Indian women

” Yeah Ancient Indian women went topless. The three main pieces of clothing were the Antariya(Dhoti), Uttariya (Dupatta/Odhni), and Kamarabandha/Kayabandha. The Uttariya could/can be worn in various ways, many of them covering the chest. (e.g. just adjust it a bit Kala Ksetram, Shiva and Sati´s body by Udaya Charan Shrestha) There was also a type of bodice which was another option. (For historical purposes and research, what periods…Was the sari blouse always a thing or did people…,The Ancient India PostVintage Indian Clothing,

It depended on the individual as well as the individual’s mood I suppose. For instance a big breasted woman would benefit from that extra support while a woman with smaller breasts could easily go without. Not mention how useful it would be for a warrioress. (just my speculation though)
And please don’t be spoutin’ that bull ’bout ‘the current generation is speculating on what the people of the past were like’ or ‘wearing little to no clothes in a hot climate is stupid’ or even ‘so can we safely assume that most Greeks went naked because of the many depictions of naked humanoids in Greek art’. No.
1.This is as close as we can get to facts as possible. This isn’t just mere speculation. Traces of ancient customs remain in modern day Indian dress. Descriptions (few as they are) are in Ancient Literature. Often times remains of art is all we have when we wish to know about past peoples, and India has quite a bit.
2. So the Ancient Egyptians were idiots then? Existing Tribes across Africa are fools? There are different ways to keep cool in hot climates. Arabic/Muslim people have their way, Ancient Indians/Current African tribes had/have theirs. (e.g. pastes to help keep themselves cool, as explained by Nithya Ragunathan, and the little clothes they wear are made with light fabrics and draped loosely)
3.A lot of those Ancient Greek depictions of naked humanoids are actually depictions of figures from mythology (hence ‘humanoid’), and it can thus be easily deduced that a lot of these depictions are the result of ‘Artistic License’ or prevailing custom (after all many cultures portray their deities with significant differences from regular people), and aren’t necessarily representations of how the society actually dressed. Especially considering the fact that we have depictions and descriptions of regular people from Ancient Greece.
I’ve deduced that a lot of India’s change in definition of modesty, shamefulness, sin, etc. derived from a number of sources. It’s known that Ancient India was far from isolated from the rest of the world, and had amiable relationships with other civilizations.
These contacts with other cultures had significant effects on their own culture (which happens pretty often I’d say). Say for instance the popularity of pleats and the introduction of the pallu. This was most likely due to Ancient India’s contact with Ancient Greece and Rome: Palla (garment) Also due to them being conquered by them: Indo-Greek Kingdom
Subsequent invasions Indo-ScythiansIndo-Parthian Kingdom,https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ku…, also had big impacts (Ancient Indian Costume this site also goes into great detail Costumes & Fashion). The Muslim invasions (especially those of the Mughals) are probably the reason for a lot of the veiling that takes place today: Purdah That isn’t to say veiling didn’t exist before then: Vintage Indian Clothing Some remnants of ancient ideas of modesty remained though, as can be seen in several miniatures: Vintage Indian Clothing,Vintage Indian ClothingThe David Collection – Miniature PaintingDazzling Mughal Artspiff,
The British bringing in their prudishness didn’t help either, but, women going bare breasted/breasts being visible behind clothing was still prevalent in numerous places (e.g. Some parts of Kerala, as Prashobh Nair stated).
India is a huge country, once bigger than it is now. Of course there will be variations of style, fashion, and culture. They evolved over time and will continue to do so. Imho, we should just allow people to wear whatever they please (as long as it doesn’t harm anyone, ofc).
Also Raja Ravi Varma was a great artist, but he was not the first person to anthropomorphize the Hindu Deities. He was just one of, if not the first to use European Techniques to portray Hindu Mythology and Indian Culture. A reason why his depictions became so widespread is because of it’s ability to not only be accessible to the masses, but tolerable for the British Elite at the time (light, pale skin and males as well as females in modest clothing) Once again merely a personal speculation. The anthropomorphizing of Hindu deities had been going on for centuries before RRV was even born. Take for instance the iconic image which represents Indian art, culture, and the ‘Hindu Religion’ the world over, Shiva Nataraja:
So that’s my two cents. Peace.”

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Swimming is fun, wouldn't you agree?

  I wouldn’t consider myself the greatest swimmer on the planet but I find that swimming is fun. This warm weather makes you want to break out your gear. What could make swimming even more appealing? Right, a perfect spot.
“It’s summer in the Northern Hemisphere, which means all that we can think about is how we wish it were cool again. (What’s up with always wanting what we can’t have?!)http://www.gotclicks1.com/aqEWz4ZQ8ljjhttp://posts.fanbox.com/c3wk5
If the stifling heat, sweaty palms, and powerful UV rays are already getting to you, we’re here to help. Even if you can’t find a body of water near you — other than your shower — these images of cool pools around the world will hopefully offer some sense of relief. Grab a margarita or daiquiri and take a dip in some of these sweet spots…”
1. Grand Velas Riviera Nayarit Hotel & Resort Pool, Mexico

Instagram / simacanada
2. Per Aquum Huvafen Fushi, Maldives

Instagram / kjenny0527
3. Wynn Macau

Flickr / Tom Booth
4. Hanging Gardens Ubud Hotel, Bali

Instagram / hanginggardensubud
5. Katikies, Santorini, Greece

6. Munduk Moding Plantation, Bali

Flickr / Shura
7. Sun Rocks Hotel, Santorini, Greece

Sun Rocks Hotel
8. One & Only Reethi Rah, Maldives

Flickr / Sarah_Ackerman
9. Sparkling Hill Resort, British Columbia, Canada

Flickr / Brian Uhreen
10. Lefki, Corfu, Greece

Cool Stays
11. Bondi Icebergs Club, Sydney, Australia

Instagram / becklam

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