Being intelligent comes easy for some!

   “The other day I was chatting with my girlfriend. She’s extremely smart. She said “as a kid I was always bored in school”, so I asked her what she did about it. “There wasn’t much to be done, homework felt easy and I had more time for sports and other activities”.

It is true that she was a competitive tennis player for all of her teenage years. I wondered if that was a result of all the extra time she had. Then she said: “even to this day I feel bored sometimes. People around me seem stupid sometimes”.
At the time we had this little discussion, I knew her birthday was the forthcoming week so I bought her a whole collection of books on political philosophy. Plato, Aristotle, Locke, Hobbes… She never read any philosophy before. She was surprised. I said “if you think you’re smart and if you’re bored, then go get out of your comfort zone. Read those books. Do you think you are smarter than the people who authored those books?”
She read them. She studied. She learned. She became more humble. There’s always someone smarter than you. Always something you can learn. Get out of your comfort zone. Go to the next level. Surround yourself with smart people.”
#great thinkers