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That white substance is called sebum. It’s the waxy-oily substance your skin produces normally to moisturize itself. The only way to stop them from forming again is to be dead. But I hazard that wouldn’t be really worth it.
The pores in your nose and chin can tend to be bigger and more oily, so as time goes by they can be permanently enlarged. The oil resides in your pore lining until you squeeze them and they pop out in little tubes. Gross, right?
Your pores are NOT clogged. They are just being who they are. If they are clogged then they’d get bumpier, larger and harder if you don’t squeeze. But they don’t.
Squeezing it won’t help, because they will refill in several days anyway, and you’ll risk damaging your pore lining. You’re not relieving your pore of clogs, you’re just forcing stuff out that is perfectly fine being in there. If this is the only problem you have, you’re better off not doing anything. Your skin is utterly and completely normal. Maybe a tad oily, but this is not a problem at all.
If this bothers you a lot, you can try gentle remedies.
  • Clay mask may absorb the excess oil and keep the pores from refilling as quickly- but it can be drying.
  • Products containing BHA or zinc can reduce oiliness. BHA in particular helps exfoliate your pore lining and prevent breakouts- it is also oil-soluble and helps keep the appearance of clean pores.
Scrubs won’t help since the problem is INSIDE your pore.
And none of these remedies will help you permanently anyway. The pores will keep on refilling because that’s its natural state. You can only minimize the appearance.
This is NOT the same problem as acne pus. Acne pus and pus in general is made up of dead bacteria, debris, and mostly your dead white blood cells sacrificed in the battle against infection. On the other and, what you have is normal. There’s no infection involved here.
This is NOT the same thing as “blackheads.” Blackheads are harder and bumpy under the skin. They are literally black and produces a hard, dark clog if you squeeze them. They are caused by clogged pores- literally clogged pores, not just your pore producing the normal sebum like the daily business. These are blackheads:
Blackheads can be similarly treated with BHA to dissolve the clogs. Other acne-fighting agents like retinoids may also be effective.
This is also not the same thing as “whiteheads.” Whiteheads, in my definition, refer to clogged pores like blackheads. The difference is that the “tops” of the clog aren’t open, so the clog inside doesn’t oxidise and remain white. Some people use “whiteheads” to refer to your problem, but they are wrong. (Of course they can name it whatever they want, but naming it Boo doesn’t make it a boo; naming it “whitehead” doesn’t make it the same thing as the actual whitehead.)
Some people use “whiteheads” to refer to acne pus however- refer to my description above. These are whiteheads:
Whiteheads can be treated by BHA and retinoids too, but you may want to use another type of exfoliator- AHAs- which are better to get rid of the surface layer of the clogs.
A lot of these are actually terminology problems. If you need a name for your condition- it would be called sebaceous filaments, which is a perfectly normal phenomenon. From Wikipedia:
A sebaceous filament is a tiny collection of sebum and dead skin cells around a hair follicle, which usually takes the form of a small hair-like strand. They usually have white or yellow color, and can be expressed from the skin by pinching. These filaments are naturally occurring, and are not a sign of infection or any other ailment. They help to channel the flow of sebum within a given skin pore, allowing it to seep gradually to the surface. David A. Whiting described them in his review in the Western Journal of Medicine as “a loose, porous mass of horny detritus”.Sebaceous filaments are usually only notable around the thin skin of the nose.
What you have is called sebaceous filaments. It’s entirely normal to have. If you still want to “treat” it, you can use BHA or clay masks, but it’s not actually treatable since it’s a natural condition; you can only minimize its appearance.
Blackheads and whiteheads are different ailments entirely. You can treat them with BHAs, or AHA in the case of whiteheads.”

Money works with the economy!!

   “It’s boring. Like watching the slowest fireworks show, as slow as drying paint on a wall. Aside from that, it’s all about dividing your wealth in as many baskets as possible and with as moderate to minimal risk as possible. While setting aside a budget for two different set of baskets, a smaller than the major one one for medium risk and a smaller one for higher risk, in hope for higher returns. Not to forget diversifying the portfolio assets and not to have the same assets in two nodes of your portfolio.

In other words your investment portfolio will end up looking like this after branching:
It would look more like fireworks if you view assets diversification:
Finally let’s not forget that the time of return depends on risk, so lower the risk the longer the investment terms. So you can imagine this node map in 4 dimensions with profit/loss over time.
Yet most won’t even bother with in depth analysis and will just buy real estate and invest in existing funds and portfolios and count only the milk they get annually, just like owning a cow farm.
They would see only one slice and won’t bother looking at the whole time tube- leaving it to each fund manager to look after, without looking at the overall image. But I guess that’s what makes the difference between a billionaire investor and a multimillionaire one.
In conclusion, what I learned is that to keep your money spread, like fireworks.
Make it rain all over the economy.

Is patience still considered a virtue?

      “Today’s highly connected consumers expect instant gratification. Contributor Brian Solis explains how brands can gain a competitive advantage by optimizing mobile experiences to deliver real-time value to these customers.

Impatience is a virtue. This just might be the mantra for today’s connected consumer. They live in an on-demand economy where, with a few taps and swipes of their mobile device, they can have what they want, when they want it. As more devices and apps deliver instant gratification, the more it sets a new standard for customer expectations. Now, businesses in every industry will have to cater to “right now” consumers in mobile-first micro-moments or risk missing these critical engagement opportunities.
It’s not the customer’s fault. They didn’t set out to expect everything whenever, wherever. But new technologies such as geo-location, mobile, social and always-on connectivity empowered consumers to get access to information and services on-demand. For better or for worse, this influenced consumer behavior beyond the point of no return.
Brands must invest in micro-moments via anticipatory and relevant content and offer tailored, on-demand services to win. In other words, be there, be quick, be useful for a highly connected, mobile and self-interested consumer.

May I have your intention please? Customers expect brands to know their intentions on the spot

Did you know that compared to two years ago, smartphone users are 50 percent more likely to expect the ability to purchase something in real time? Mobile-centered micro-moments are more important than ever before. Nowadays, three in four smartphone owners turn to their mobile devices to search for information (with minimal effort) to address their immediate needs. In other words, people are empowered to act in the moment, so they expect relevant-to-the-moment information.
Brands need to know customer intentions to facilitate timely and swift engagement. As an example, according to Google, search interest for “open now” has tripled in the past two years while searches for “store hours” have subsequently dropped. The implication? Customers who act right now expect brands to cater to their intent right now, quickly and relevantly addressing their needs that very moment.

Your customers want it now! Convenience becomes a competitive advantage

You can thank the likes of Uber, Lyft, Postmates, and even Amazon Prime for stoking the on-demand economy. People expect not just information now, but the actual products and services now, too. And they’re getting it.
As an indicator of increasing customer expectations, Google found that mobile searches related to “same day shipping” have grown 120 percent since 2015. Interestingly, these searches tend to peak in the morning. This is likely the result of consumers suddenly realizing they need something and deciding they would rather have it delivered than take unnecessary time of their day to travel, wait in line, travel back and so on.
Based on service fees charged by on-demand apps and services, it’s clear that connected consumers are willing to pay a premium for convenience.

Who’s up for an experience? Let’s go, do, buy… right now!

You’ve most likely read that consumers increasingly want experiences over stuff. Now, consumers are expressing that they may also be more impulsive when they shop for those experiences. Google observed that in addition to buying behavior, planning behavior is also changing.
By way of illustration, Google noted the travel industry. Over the past two years, searches for “tonight” and “today” have grown 150 percent on mobile, for example, “flights today” and “hotels tonight.” In fact, a mobile app called HotelTonight that offers last-minute hotel deals is demonstrating how the procrastinator can get the worm. The company was founded in 2010 and continues to grow, with a recent valuation of $463 million.

‘Right now’ consumers demand ‘right now’ brands

Brands face notable challenges in leapfrogging “right now” consumers. But first and foremost, brands must prioritize mobile micro-moments to understand and design for how consumers’ behaviors, expectations and preferences are changing. Then, brands must design fast, frictionless, useful experiences to engage mobile (and increasingly impatient) consumers.
If you think your site is mobile and fast, think like your “right now” consumer. They will leave a site that takes more than three seconds to load. Compare that to the industry average mobile site that takes 22 seconds to fully load.
The role of brands in an on-demand economy isn’t just to get the attention of “right now” consumers. To earn instant, competitive advantages, businesses — like their impatient but intent mobile consumers — must also become “right now” brands. This means that they must understand mobile behaviors and expectations so profoundly that they create and optimize mobile experiences, marketing and content to deliver real-time value and experiences in the moments that matter.”

Inspired to be wealthy!


If regular people are these beautiful horses.
Then billionaires would be donkeys.
They are stubborn and won’t get tired easily going in same circles over and over and over again.
They don’t mind working day and night or on weekends.
People lack the same stubborn motivation because they don’t see results quick enough and they work for others, so they get tired of it.
Motivation is a variable with normal people. Sometimes you get tired doing what you do, job or your own business.
With billionaires it’s like a donkey on a mill. Motivation is a constant, it never goes down but rarely. Which keeps them doing what they do to accumulate wealth. Yet it’s not the only factor.
Now you could have the same motivation as a billionaire but you might not be a risk taker, which doesn’t qualify you as a businessman. Another factor could be the lack of skill that’s makes you a billionaire. W.B is a billionaire because he has unique skills in investments. Facebook, Google and other Tech startups billionaires have innovation in their respective technology field that allowed them to come up with these ideas. Another factor is simply that you have the skills but not the scale. For example, you could be the best dentist in the world but never will be a billionaire because you can’t scale your skills to serve millions of customers. You could franchise but that’s not being a dentist anymore but a businessman.
There are a lot of factors to account for to be a billionaire. But mindset wise, it would be the consistent motivation that separates the billionaires from most people.
So if you have the consistent motivation quality you are a billionaire material. You just need to complete the other factors.”

Gold is valuable, why?


“There are historical and modern reasons:
  • Gold is non-reactive with other chemicals so it retains its color. Yet silver blackens, which has undesired effects.
  • Gold has a unique color unlike other metals do. So people are fond of it and this has created more demand for it.
  • Gold is rarer than silver and this is the main reason. When there is less supply of something and higher demand on it, then the price will be higher.
Also because there are a lot more silver than gold on earth. On average, silver exists at a 17:1 ratio versus gold in the Earth’s crust.”

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