High IQ depends on oxygen according to many thinkers

   “To answer this question adequately you need to have an understanding on how the brain works. As you can see, we use different parts of the brain to think of different things

It is easier to see with this phrenology diagram which indicates the actual areas of thought
When we think we have electrical impulses called Neurons which send messages between the nodes in our brain. This part of the brain is called the Id
define Id – Google Search
The word Idiot is derived from this (examples of Idiots can be found in the IQ questions on Quora)
When we don’t think, the Neurons become static and are called Morons
So, people who think are called Neuronic, and people who don’t think are called Moronic
The brain needs oxygen to work, and people with high IQ’s get more oxygen to the brain. They do this by exercising and healthy living. Such people are called Oxyneurons
If you have an IQ in excess of 130 you are an Oxyneuron
People who don’t think, get less oxygen to the brain. If you have an IQ of 100 or less then you are an Oxymoron.
If you are a Neuronic person but can’t be bothered thinking, then you would be called Ironic, or in some cases Neurotic
Apart from this, there are different types of intelligence
So, in answer to the question, a person’s IQ would depend on which IQ is being tested. A person with a high logical-mathematical IQ might have a low interpersonal IQ
For example Isaac Newton had a very high IQ for logic, but kept a chamber pot underneath his piano (though that might have been Beethoven, but when you’ve met one genius, you’ve met them all)
There is no relationship between a person’s Social, Intellectual, and Practical attributes that can be measured in any meaningful way, but a rough guide is to say that the higher the Logical-mathematical figure, the lower the lower the Interpersonal level
The problem with this question is that anyone with a high IQ wouldn’t bother answering it, and a person with a low IQ wouldn’t give a useful answer
On the other hand, a useless answer might be better than nothing.”

Chinese racism lives!

   “By Western standards? Absolutely. Oh God. It approaches a level of racism that I have rarely encountered elsewhere. And it’s blatantly so.

BUT, and this is important, it’s a racism that is incredibly naive and innocent. It’s one born more out of curiosity and a reaction to ‘the stranger’ than an informed one.
In the West, racism takes real effort – it’s a conscious decision. We have gone through civil right movements, positive discrimination, efforts on the part of the black community to keep pushing forward role models that defy the stupid concept of ‘the white man’s superiority’. We have been educated, from a very young age, on how bad racism is – and how bad people who are racist are.
The Chinese have had none of that. A majority of them have never seen a foreigner, white or black, except on TV.
DISCLAIMER: Before I go on. Yes, like in any country, there are people in China who are deliberately racist. And there are those who are not at all. It’s got 1.4 billion people. Here, I’m trying to examine the general population, not the extremes.
Now with that out of the way, let’s take a few examples. Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you, China’s leading toothpaste brand:
Heiren Yagao means: Black Person Toothpaste
This toothpaste is literally named Black Person. Heiren. Complete with a small and insulting picture.
Why? Because the guys who came up with it thought: ‘Wow, Black People have such nice and shiny white teeth. This is a great idea for a toothpaste brand!’
As I said – by Western standards, it’s absolutely racist. But it’s an uninformed and naive racism – it’s not one done with malice, or an understanding of the consequences it can have.
Ok, here’s a worse example: the infamous laundry ad.
Stop painting my house and come here…
She forces him into the washing machine
Lo and behold, the laundry detergent is so strong it has made him Asian!
This ad has been called “The most racist ad ever”. With reason. And it was broadcast throughout the nation.
But you have to wonder – if someone were to design an ad like this in the US or in Europe, it would be with a very negative intent, wanting to show the superiority of the white people. They would be aware of the message, and still go ahead with it.
From a Chinese perspective… it’s just viewed as a funny and light idea. They probably OK-ed it without a second thought. It shows naivete to a ridiculous extent.
Does that make it OK? Absolutely not. There needs to be education on this kind of thing, and sadly that’s just not a priority yet.
For the majority of people, there’s nothing wrong with it – simply because they don’t understand how it can be viewed as wrong. Sit down with them, ask them how they would feel if the ad was reversed with a yellow/white situation, and they get it immediately. But before that? Nope. Doesn’t even cross their mind.
I’ll close on one last example to illustrate my point. A friend of mine from Beijing was Nigerian, and spoke an absolutely flawless Chinese. He ended up on a translator gig for an American looking to source products from a factory in the countryside.
They go there, and meet the owner of the factory – a fairly successful guy, but who had never actually left his home province. Keep in mind, my friend is speaking fluent Chinese when he greets them, complete with an impeccable Beijing accent.
The owner walks over, takes the guys arm, looks at the skin… and scratches. Trying to see if he can get the color to come off.
Until there’s real education about racism in China, expect the very worst. Not out of spite, not out of a superiority complex, but just because they don’t know any better.”

European healthcare!

   “As the other answers have already said — the quality of care in the US has never been in question. I’m sure your doctors are lovely, highly qualified and professional individuals.

The problem, as we see it, is the availability and cost of treatment — and the way your insurance companies deny coverage for some conditions.
In the UK, the NHS is essentially funded by one big insurance pool — that everybody pays a portion of their wages into, regardless of their current health. Yes, healthy people are paying for sick people. That’s how insurance works.
You pay into the NHS whilst you’re healthy, and you use it when you’re sick — that’s insurance, in the loosest sense of the word.
But the NHS has no concept of “preexisting conditions”, and there’s no point where they turn around and say “lol, no, we’re not paying for any more of this — you need to fork out if you want to live”.
In the US, you had an entire TV series based around the fact that one dude got cancer and had shitty health insurance, and the only way he could avoid totally bankrupting his family before his inevitable crawl towards the grave was to make methamphetamine.
There’s a comic strip which went around the internet a while back, which shows precisely how absurd this situation sounds to the rest of the world:
In the UK (and indeed most of Europe), the entire concept of Breaking Bad is utterly ludicrous.
It shouldn’t matter what insurance you have — if you have cancer you should get treatment.
We weren’t watching Breaking Bad thinking “oh look at those moron doctors, they can’t treat cancer as well as our European doctors!”
We were sat watching and talking to each other saying “isn’t it insane that this sort of situation can arise in the most powerful nation on Earth?”
And obviously this is a fictional portrayal, but you have to realise that your health insurance system is crazy.
You have so many middlemen so desperate to make a profit at every stage that it ends up costing you (and your government!) up to twice as much per person than the NHS costs the UK.
The US health insurance and medical system is possibly the single greatest argument against the notion of “the freer the market, the freer the people”.
The actual care may be excellent — but you need to be willing to be metaphorically bent over the nearest hard surface and given a good rogering by insurance companies before you can get access to it.
And God help you if you have terrible insurance — because it means that you’ll put off going to the doctor until your condition is significantly worse and harder to treat….and also more expensive. Nice self-destructive loop there!
The US has many great and enviable qualities, that many people admire.
Your healthcare system is….not one of them.
The ACA was a step in the right direction — it’s not a solution, and it’s nowhere near as good as the US deserves. But it’s a step in the right direction. Thank goodness for those three Republicans…”

Is it worth it to improve your life?


“Engage your brain.
What does that really mean? It means you need to make sure that the daily habits you practice contribute to improving the quality of your life in some way.
Daily habits that engage your brain will allow you to focus better on your top priority goals, work more effectively in a shorter period of time, and stay grounded by appreciating all the things you currently possess.
Here are 3 habits you can practice daily that can improve the quality of your life.
Habit #1. Begin your day with laser focus by asking yourself the following question: “What is the ONE THING I am committed to completing today?”
How can it improve your life?
Sounds pretty simple, doesn’t it? And it is. But this question does many things for you. It simplifies your life, it helps your brain focus better, it forces to you prioritize your goals, and it streamlines your work so you don’t feel overwhelmed with having to accomplish too many things in a single day.
How do you start practicing it?
  • Write the question in big bold letters on a sheet of paper and hang it on your bedroom or bathroom wall. Use a thick marker to make each letter stand out, and experiment with bright colors for emphasis.
  • Read it out loud as you start each day, and come up with an answer on the spot. You can do this while brushing your teeth or getting dressed.
  • Keep your answer top of mind as you go through your work for the day, so that you don’t get distracted by other things that might take you away from what’s important to you.
Habit #2. Do your deep work super early in the day.
How can it improve your life?
First of all, let’s identify deep work: it’s any kind of analytical thinking that requires the most concentration (for example, reading, writing, coding, analyzing, critical thinking, or problem solving). Creating a habit of doing deep work early in the day benefits you in the long run because you save a ton of time by focusing fully on what’s most important, before the day gets more busy. It also creates more time for activities later in the day that require socializing and being more physical (attending group meetings and working out, for example).
How do you start practicing it?
  • Set aside time to do your deep work around 2-4 hours after you wake up. Why? Many scientists say that this is the brain’s peak performance time, which is directly related to our circadian rhythm (or biological clock).
  • Here’s how it works. If, for example, you wake up at 7, your peak times are between 9 and 11 a.m. Turn off your phone (or turn the volume off), find a quiet spot to get work done, make yourself some hot coffee or tea with caffeine if that helps you focus, and have a bottle of water ready so you stay hydrated.
Habit #3. Say “thank you” for everything you have in your life right now.
How can it improve your life?
Practicing gratitude is a total game changer! It trains your brain to focus on positive things and makes you think of what you already have in your life, as opposed to what you do not. Being grateful will also keep you grounded in your personal life so you are less focused on what others (friends, classmates, relatives, coworkers) are doing with theirs, which is a huge waste of time and won’t help you get any closer to your personal goals.
How do you start practicing it?
  • Do it early. Take a few minutes when you wake up and before you start getting ready for work or school. You might want to write your thoughts down, or you may prefer to think about it or even say it out loud.
  • Start small. Focus only on 3 things you are grateful for today: having a warm bed to sleep in; a roof over your head; a family, friend or a partner who you trust and who help you become the best version of yourself; food in your fridge; a dog or cat that you have as your pet; the opportunity to focus on your education that will empower you to take charge of your life and become independent.
  • Be specific. If it’s a specific person you’re grateful for having in your life, emphasize which of their qualities you are grateful for (they’re warm, gracious, smart, or incredibly funny). If it’s having your own room or apartment, point out why this is important to you (you have your own space to relax, read, or practice a skill you believe is important to your personal growth).”

Rolls Royce

   “There are many! Bunch of my favorites follows here.

0. Mascot of Queen Elizabeth’s Phantom VI is St George and not Spirit of Ecstasy
The Rolls Royce Phantom VI of Queen Elizabeth have a mascot of St George instead of Spirit of Ecstasy. Well this would be the only exception where Spirit of Ecstasy is not used in a Rolls Royce.
Info source : The Royal Fleet
1. Rolls Royce SRH- The smallest Rolls Royce : Link
The smallest Rolls Royce was build for Richard’s Hospital Pediatric Day Surgery Unit.Rolls-Royce SRH will allow children awaiting surgery to drive themselves to the operating theatre, through the Pediatric Unit corridors which are lined with ‘traffic signs’. The experience of ‘self-drive to theatre’ aims to reduce child patient stress.
2. Pantheon Grille – The Un changeable Design feature of Rolls Royce.
Any component in the Rolls Royce could be customized according to customer requirement except one. The Iconic grille design is the only one design feature which cannot be changed according to customer’s wish. The the iconic pantheon grille named for its resemblance to the portico of the ancient Roman temple.
3. A Rolls Royce = BMW 7 Series
Modern Rolls Royce shares the platform with BMW 7 series. Dawn, Ghost & Wraith all shares the platform with BMW 7 series (F01) Platform. Essentially BMW 7 series is forming the backbone for any new Rolls Royce. Image source : Link
4. Rolls Royce Wheel Spinners- RR Logo stands always upright.
“RR” logo in the center of the hub is mounted on a spinner with an offset weight designed to ensure that the logo is always the right way up when the car is parked. The design allows the logo to stand up right even when driving.
5.Rolls Royce – Under the stars : Place your Birth sign on the Car roof
Birth sign constellation in the Car roof. Yes you heard it right, you can have your Birth sign constellation customized in the roof.

Skill sets improve opportunities sometimes

   “If you do all of these skills then you will be a much better person by the time you get through it all and get to a top 10%-1% level.

  • Languages: Use Duolingo and learn languages for free. Why should you be only limited to 200–500 million people and certain geographical boundaries? Learn more languages and you open up many more opportunities for growth.
  • Leadership: Learning how to inspire people successfully and join in a collective movement is really amazing, when you realize: Wow…. I helped start that, it’s an unforgettable feeling.
  • Comedy: People like to laugh , why not be the source of entertainment for a night or two or more? When people can rely on you to make them feel happy then they will come back to you, this is magnetism at it’s finest. Learn the skill of comedy.
  • Writing: I don’t care whether you write poems or songs or novels or more. Writing is a fundamental expression of humans and cultivating your ability to do it in some sphere is critical.
  • One academic subject: You don’t have to certified or acquiring a degree in order to learn advanced physics, math, economics, biology, etc. All the content in most undergrads are available for free online or maybe you’ll have to dish out for a textbook after a certain level, still cheaper than an undergrad degree and you still feel great for having an in depth body of knowledge.
  • Bartending: If you drink or hang around people who drink then being the guy who knows how to mix cocktails or hard liquor seems like the man/woman to be. If you are really good then you can count on being regularly invited and potentially get a part time job out of it as well.(If you apply yourself, your friends won’t give you a part time job :p)”