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   How would you defend Minas Tirith?

Great scene isn’t it? But do you think that you could have done any better at defending it?
Bas Leijser
Bas Leijser, Fan since 2002, read and saw almost everything
Here is a map of the battle:
I will assume that, as the acting Steward of Minas Tirith, I am unaware of Rohan’s reinforcements and have only limited time to prepare for the siege (let’s say, right before the attack on West-Osgiliath). Here’s what I would do:
  • Retreat almost all forces from the Rammas Echor (the wall surrounding the Pelennor Fields) and West-Osgiliath. Bring them all to Minas Tirith.
  • Do not send Faramir to Osgiliath and don’t try to retake it.
  • Try to use deception whenever possible to make the enemy believe Osgiliath and the Rammas Echor still have large garrisons in order to slow them down. E.g., spread out the remaining defenders, use strawmen, anything my army officers can think of. As long as it doesn’t cost too many resources.
  • Completely burn the harbor of Harlond (the port of Minas Tirith) to the ground and try to make it as difficult as possible for enemy ships to land. E.g., wooden stakes in the ground, use collapsed buildings to block roads and if time permits it, steal Tyrion’s tactic of making a giant chain across the river (probably impossible).
  • Dig holes all over the Pelennor fields, place wooden stakes at the bottom and cover them with twigs/grass.
  • Spread straw or other materials that easily burn across the base of the outer wall of Minas Tirith. If you have enough oil, rinse them in it.
  • Reinforce both the outer gate of Minas Tirith and the gate leading to the second level.
  • Camouflage (yes this is a bit cheating, camouflage probably didn’t exist) several trebuchets and train its soldiers in aiming at the area in front of the main gate. The only task of these trebuchets will be to fire at siege rams.
  • If time permits it, dig a moat around the outer wall. A half-circle around the main gate should be possible with these time constraints.
  • Prepare water basins around the city to put out fires. All civilians who are fit but unable to fight, are assigned firefighting duties.
  • Use the elite fountain guard in the frontline, specifically to defend the main gate.
Now, for my projected outcome:
The Mordor host attacks. Grond, the huge siege ram, is destroyed by my camouflaged trebuchets. Many enemy siege towers collapse or burn due to my preparations in front of the wall. Morale is high due to the presence of the fountain guard and the main gate is holding.
Then, Rohan comes with reinforcements. They ride right into the wooden stakes I placed on the Pelennor fields and the holes I dug and are then utterly wiped out.
Aragorn also shows up with his reinforcements, but alas, the harbor is blocked and he has no way to come ashore.
Without the death of the Witch-King, the defenders at the main gate are finally routed and the Mordor host scales the walls using ladders. Sauron is victorious.
Morale of the story: no matter how clever your tactics, ultimately you are hopeless without plot armor.

Who has a one sided rice view?

   ” Before I came to India, this is what I saw in my mind when I thought about rice:

That’s right. Good ‘ole semi-sticky white grains in desperate need of gravy. Fascinating stuff, right?
After I lived in Tamil Nadu, India, my rice-related mental vocabulary… expanded.
Reader, meet Idli and Dosai. Idli and Dosai, meet Reader. Good. Now that you’re all acquainted, let me tell you what you’ve been missing.
These are made from a batter of fermented rice and lentils that is either steamed or fried.
They are gloriously good. Tongue-gasmiscally good. They are hold-on-a-second-while-I-look-at-flight-tickets-to-Chennai good.
They are accompanied by a chutney, usually made from either tomato or coconut, as well as a lentil-and-vegetable stew called sambar.
All three accompaniments singe your tongue with the addictive goodness of chili and curry leaves and smoky mustard seeds and fenugreek. They explode their tangy-salty-pungent flavors in your mouth until you beg for more.
Also, dear Reader, please meet Tomato Rice, Curd Rice, and Lemon Rice. Yup, shake hands again. Good.
Remember that first image of white rice? Well, Mr. Bland Grain has just undergone a badass metamorphosis into the Holy Trinity of Goodness.
The sourness of lime-laced lemon rice, the cool creaminess of curd rice, that tangy-spicy-saltiness of tomato rice…
*Must not book ticket to Chennai. Must not book ticket to Chennai. Must stay at home with family and work*
What was the question about?
Ah yes, how can Asians eat rice three times a day.
I think we’ve pretty much covered that….

Programmers world!

   ” I wonder why no one has mentioned Adam D’Angelo yet.

Being a keen follower of him, I believe that he is truly the most badass programmer.
Here are some things about him…
  1. Founder of Quora.
  2. He was the first CTO of facebook.
  3. IOI Silver Medalist [2002].
  4. He along with his team at California Institute of Technology won silver medal in ACM ICPC in 2004.
  5. In 2005, he was one of the finalists in the international Top coder Collegiate Challenge and was placed eighth in the USA Computing Olympiad while he was still in high school.
  6. He created a messenger called BuddyZoo – AOL Instant Messenger analysis (read this thread it’s super cool) at the age of 20.
  7. He is red on topcoder ( & he has achieved it in just one year & it’s not at all cakewalk).
  8. In his high school, he developed the Synapse Media Player (a music suggestion software) along with Mark Zuckerberg and others which was later proposed to purchase by Microsoft & other giants, but they declined their offers & made it free for all.
  9. Fortune magazine included D’Angelo as runner-up in its ‘Smartest people in tech’ article.
  10. He owns 0.8 % stake at facebook, which is equivalent to $680 million.

    Indeed a badass !!”

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Do Chinese cheat on exams?

   ” Have you ever seen how Chinese students cheat on exams?

This is China’s national College Entrance Exam, aka Gaokao.
China is seriously serious about gaokao! Chinese Students Could Face 7 Years in Jail for Exam Cheating. So serious that the streets around the testing locations have police guards, passers-by who cause noise during testing days would be fined!
Students must go through security, photo ID, and fingerprint checks.
Surveillance command center inside.
Checking radio signals outside.
If you think Chinese teachers are over-reacting, that’s because you don’t know how Chinese students CHEAT! How CREATIVE and Hi-Tech Chinese can be when it comes to gaokao cheating. Here we go….
Chinese students were caught using high-tech pens that could record the test answers, which were then transmitted to someone outside, who would relay the answers back via an in-ear receiver.
Yes, even shirts were wired up for cheating! On the inside of this shirt, a miniature camera wired up to a mobile phone. Pictures are taken, sent to someone outside, and answers are relayed back via an in-ear receiver.
These normal-looking glasses were equipped with a camera activated by a remote shutter coin. By pressing the coin, it would send monochrome photos to someone outside, how they relayed answers back is STILL UNKNOWN…..
This earring is a receiver! Secret agent tech gadget.
This is a real watch and works perfectly fine. The transparent shell is a display, by key operation, you can control the screen display.
Also in erasers.
Thumb size.
Even as thin as ruler.
These are the known techniques, imagine the unknown…
This is less than 0.01% of everyday Chinese creativity.


Love Notes!

  A ladies notes
   “31 year old female Sex Enthusiast based in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil who is open about Sex and Dating. I am a Sexual Explorer who loves Intense Sex. Fan of NSA Sex. Globetrotter who loves adventures with guys around the globe. Hardcore Quorian who is always open to help people with sexual goals.”
   ” What is the best clothes to wear on a beach party?

Arjino Ferrera
Beach parties are kind of my favorite events to enjoy. In Rio, beach parties are frequent and i love it. So i am here to suggest the girls. Don’t go to a beach party wearing a bikini. It’s so mainstream. After all its a party. Wear something classy and sexy. I would like to mention few ideas here for the sexy girls out there
Suggestion 1 : Mermaid Maxi Skirt
Suggestion 2 : Long Maxi Evening party beach dress
Suggestion 3 : Bandage Bodycon Dress
Suggestion 4 : Sexy Long Mesh Beach See-through
Suggestion 5 : Sexy Beach Convertible Cover up dress
Suggestion 6 : O Ring Beach Dress
Have fun at the beach.”

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Never forget your vision because they bring about your success!


  • Make sure you are motivated by the ultimate mission of whatever you’re working on, and you understand the connection from that all the way down to the specific work you’re doing at any given moment.
  • Focus on getting better at whatever it is you’re doing. There is a reason why the most addictive RPGs formalize the “leveling up” dynamic and it’s amazing how much tedious work this can motivate.
  • Enjoy the day-to-day work itself. Don’t expect to enjoy everything, but it can really help your motivation to have a job where you enjoy a significant part of the work intrinsically.
  • Take care of yourself. Make sure you look out for your psychological needs and get enough rest, take time to relax with friends, get exercise or whatever else you need to be able to focus on work without the rest of your life dragging you down.
  • Have an internal sense of what’s worthwhile and don’t fool yourself. Some people think of “staying focused” as an issue of psychological willpower. In my experience one of the biggest reasons people don’t focus is that they don’t have a strong sense of the value of all the different things they could do. They will get lured in by things that seem exciting or things that will get them some kind of short term social status but have little to do with what actually matters in the long term. It is much easier to avoid this stuff if you have a good sense of its value.
I used to make internet products for fun before it became my work, so I’m lucky to be in a position where I intrinsically enjoy large parts of the work I have to do every day. For the other parts, I am more motivated by our mission and the impact I expect the work to have on the world, and by getting better.
Also, as a leader, the things you do well and do badly get magnified throughout the team you are leading. You can see entire companies get thrashed around when the CEO can’t focus, or move slowly when the leader isn’t motivated. I am deeply aware of these effects and so the responsibility I have and the people depending on me end up giving me a lot of motivation to focus, work hard, and make good decisions.”