What’s missing?

   ” The bottom line is you’ll get out of your business what you put into it. It works…if you do. But that’s the beauty of it, too; you are in control—it’s up to you how far you take it. And don’t forget, SFI offers the opportunity to earn residual income. This basically means that for the work you do just today, you have the potential to earn money not only for today but also for potentially years to come.  “





Programming at its best

http://feodality.xyz   ” Bill Gates’ reputation is that he was an excellent coder in his day, and technically astute and incisive throughout his time leading Microsoft. In college (at Harvard), Bill Gates and Paul Allen wrote a full BASIC language interpreter in assembly language for a computer they didn’t even have access to and which had only 4000 bytes of memory. They wrote it on a PDP-10 at Harvard that was running an Intel 8080 emulator. Bill Gates once said that he remembered every technical detail and variable name of those early programs, although surely that would not be true today.

Steve Jobs was never a programmer. He was a product visionary, astute businessman, and excellent if eccentric salesman. It was Steve Wozniak who built the Apple I while Steve promoted it. That said (from my experience working at his company NeXT), Steve had an amazing knack for understanding technical concepts and how they could be relevant. While he had never programmed, his technical people convinced him of the revolutionary power of object-oriented programming. As a result, he made object-oriented design the central theme of the NeXT machine and he developed a great sales pitch for its ability to reduce code bulk: “The line of code you don’t write is the line of code you never have to debug.”

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How different are tastes across the globe?

   ” Everyone loves food. Some people go as far to say that they live to eat rather than eat to live. And why would they not? Our world is full of some great, taste-bud tingling, aromatic, delectable savories. We have our pizzas, burgers, hot-digs and what not to fulfill our carnal desire of hunger. We often want to try new things in life. We want to learn new cultures and languages, see new traditions and of course, taste new food. We can go far for our desire to taste something new. Like Caviar is delicacy in France and squids are an everyday thing in Spain and camel meat is commonly eaten in Middle-East and some African countries. But how exotic is too exotic? The world, while full of appetizing foods on one hand, also have some of the wackiest, offensive and bizarre foods which parade under the name of ‘exotic foods’. The world is a weird place, sure. But the food eaten in some part of the world is bizarre beyond imagination. Here is a list of the top 10 exotic food from around the world and we suggest you keep your food aside if you’re reading this.

10. Fried Tarantula

fried tarantula
Oh nothing much, just a poisonous specie of an icky looking, hairy spider that is deep-fried till perfection. That’s right! In Cambodia, the Thai Zebra Tarantula, which is about the size of a human hand, is a common delicacy. These can be found everywhere in Cambodia- from street-side vendors to expensive restaurants. The tarantulas are pan-friend with garlic and a pinch of salt. It is crispy from the outside and gooey from the inside. Most people only eat the legs and upper head, which is said to be extremely crispy, but the brave-hearted also eat the abdomen.

9. Wasp Crackers

The East- Asians do love their insects and how. This Japanese food item of Wasp Crackers is exactly what it sounds like. Wasps are caught, boiled to death, dried and then simply mixed into a batter or dough of crackers. Imagine a chocolate chip cookie but instead of chocolate chips, you have wasps! Wasp crackers are extremely famous in Japan and are extremely cheap too. These Wasp Crackers have created quite the buzz around the global food market recently.

8. Century Eggs

Do you remember fighting from breath every time you passed by a science lab with ammonia and sulphur? Now imagine eating it. Century eggs or millennium eggs are a Chinese dish in which the eggs of quail, chicken, and duck are covered in ashes, clay salt and preserved for months together. The insides of the egg decompose and form a green-ish jelly like mixture which is then served straight on your plate. Their taste is extremely strong but the dish is very well liked in China.

7. Haggis

Not all the exotic food items are from the east. Some bizarre food items from Europe can also shock you for their ingredients. Haggis is a dish from Scotland. It is a savory pudding containing sheep’s liver, heart and lungs. This is mixed with some chopped onions, spices etc and then again, encased in the stomach of the sheep and simmered. Although this dish doesn’t sound appealing, it is said to have great texture and taste, two things that food-connoisseurs are always on the lookout for.

6. Balut

Balut is a duck meat dish. Now, eating ducks is completely normal and people from all around the world eat duck-meat. But this dish serves duck with a twist. Balut is a dish served mainly in Philippines which is basically fertilized duck egg. The eggs are served with a hole and they contain a grown duck embryo. To perfectly get the taste, you have to pierce the duck eggs first and drink all the liquid inside it and then break the shell and eat the entire developing duck baby. Mostly, Baluts are eaten when the egg is 17 days old but some people wait till it is 21 days old and the duck has developed beak and feathers!

5.  Bear Claw

You read that right. There is actually a dish in which you can eat bear claws! This bear claw stew is a Chinese delicacy and it costs a bomb. It said to boost your health and sexual performance and so, people do burn a hole in their pockets and eat this. But this delicacy is facing some problems today as the animal rights activists are protesting against the apparent torture of the bears before the killing and cooking. The torture of the bears releases some toxins are hormones in the bear which give it the taste that it has.

4. Durian

The Chinese sure do take the award for having the most number of exotic foods. Durian is, one could say, less painful to the eye but a pain to the nose. Durian is fruit which is rather yummy-looking which has a very strong and foul odor. The fruit can be eaten raw or can be used to make a variety of stuff. But it smells so bad that people who have smelled it said it was a mixture of rotten eggs, vomit, rotting flesh and sewers. In fact, it smells so strongly that it has been banned in many hotels in Asia and is banned on airports all around the world!

3. Live Cobra Heart

live cobra heart
Live Cobra Heart is not a common thing to eat but some people in Vietnam do it. If that wasn’t bad enough, you should know that the Vietnamese eat live cobra’s heart raw and uncooked. And to top it all off, the only ‘preparation’ to this dish is that they wash the cobra’s heart with the cobra’s blood! Takes bizarre to a whole new level, doesn’t it? People who eat this dish think that they will endure the powers and strengths of the cobra and so, they don’t even clean it, just swallow it whole, while it is still beating. This dish is definitely not for the faint-hearted.

2. Monkey Brains

This dish is rather controversial but the fact that someone even thought of eating a monkey’s brain is enough for putting off a lot of people. Monkey brain is eaten in China and other East-Asian countries. The brain is cooked with spices or it is eaten raw. What made this dish a controversy is the fact that monkeys are placed at a very high order in the food chain and experts say that the act of eating a monkey’s brain can lead to cannibalism. It is said that the monkey’s brain can cure erectile dysfunction but in fact, eating it is very dangerous and had many health risks.

1. Casu Marzu

What could be worse than eating a monkey’s brain? This Italian dish is your answer. Italian cuisine is not all about pizzas, pastas and gelatos. Casu Marzu is a rather unappetizing dish. It is a type of sheep milk cheese which contains live insect larvae. Now, all cheeses have to go through the process of fermentation and we know about the presence of bacteria in that process. But the process that goes in the making of Casu Marzu is less fermentation and more decomposition. The live larvae are said to give the cheese a unique taste and soft, gooey texture. No matter how tasty this is, getting someone to eat a dish when you can clearly see worms wriggle in it is definitely a task that the Italians mastered!”

Building a business of your on takes dedication

   ” It is possible for a single developer to scale an app to 1 million users, even 10 million users. The biggest and best example is Markus Frind (Markus Frind).

Markus Frind is a developer turned entrepreneur and the founder of PlentyofFish, the world’s biggest dating website.  He founded PlentyofFish in 2003 after teaching himself other languages.
Between 2003 and 2009, he was the only developer in his company. The website grew to more than 10 million users, before he started hiring more developers. In his own words (from his blog Plenty of fish blog )
…in May 2009 when I hired my first developer the site was doing 2.2 Billion pageviews a month and we are over 10 billion a month today.
Thinking back now I am amazed I was able to do what I did. I spent at least 2 to 3 months of every year traveling, and during this time there where insane scaling issues. But somehow I still managed to create the largest dating site in the world without a single employee and travel the world!
It amazes me after all this time I have still ran the company as the solo shareholder/solo employee for longer than i’ve run it with employees. I got to 10 million + users without hiring a single employee.
He began taking on employees in 2008, and sold the company in 2015 for $575 million in cash to Match group (owners of match dot com,tinder, okcupid). PlentyofFish has now more than 100 million registered users.

A doctors place!

” As a registered nurse of over 20 years and the daughter of a cardiologist, I have known and worked with doctors my entire life, from all different specialties. They get stuck with sleepless nights, missed lunches and their flights get cancelled like everyone else. The trash men forget to pick up their trash. Their kids flush rolls of paper towels down the toilet and flood their homes. Their day to day lives are quite generic.

On the other hand, many physicians truly make split second decisions and save lives. I once saw a surgeon unplug the hospital bed from the wall and start to wheel it to the elevator, calling the OR to say he’s got an emergency case he’s bringing down and he needs a room, a tech and a scrub nurse. The patient had been septic and every other physician had ignored it. While this patient was probably going to die and thus be a “ding” against the surgeon’s mortality rates, he didn’t care. He did what was best for the patient.

I watched an ICU doc straddle a combative patient with his full body weight to protect the patient and the nurses while we tried to sedate the patient. I didn’t have the body strength to control the patient, a young athlete strung out on 2 bottles of uppers. The physician could have stood back by the door and barked orders, but he risked injury to himself to protect the patient and the nurses.

My friend told me about an open heart case when the OR lost electrical power (yes, even the emergency generator crashed) and the surgeon saved the patient by continuing to work (the valve was already out – there was no turning back) by the light of all the OR staff’s iPhone flashlight apps.

I recall in high school, my father missed the wedding anniversary dinner reservations with my mom because he was doing chest compressions on a patient that had gone into cardiac arrest.

Not every doctor has these opportunities and not every doctor is a hero. I’ve definitely worked with some physicians that I’m sure my dog would growl at. But there are some, often only known by the nurses who were there, that have made decisions that resulted in someone being able to go home instead of go to the morgue.”
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Who is Jack Ma anyway?


   ” “I was in charge of the international website and I think for Jack’s taste I was moving too slowly. He told me, Porter, I’m not going to get mad at you for making mistakes, but I can’t accept you doing nothing. If you do something and make a mistake, fine. But if you do nothing, I’ll replace you.

Beyond the complexity of his character, most accounts about Jack Ma’s management style share some common characteristics:
  • Teacher mindset: the former career of Jack Ma as a teacher also has a strong impact on his approach to training and education within the company. This “natural teacher” ability was essential in order to trigger the first spark of interest for Alibaba and convince others to follow his lead. His original 1999 speech in Hangzhou is worth every second spent watching it.
  • Fight-for-survival mindset: as many other Chinese entrepreneurs, Jack Ma expresses a weird mixture of optimism and pessimism. Optimism in the ability of Alibaba to reach incredible goals, but also a permanent feeling of crisis. Like if Alibaba was always on the brink of extinction. In his letter to employees following Alibaba’s IPO in the U.S he states “[Alibaba employees] should be conscious that, lying behind the massive allure of the capital market, there is unparalleled ruthlessness and pressure. In this market, only a small number of outstanding enterprises can maintain a gallop. Alibaba will undoubtedly be confronted with unprecedented challenges and pressure due to the scale (of the listing), expectations, national boundaries, culture clashes, and regional politics and economics.” These words were written after a very successful IPO, when Alibaba value was about US$231 billion and the company was (as it still is) completely dominating the e-commerce space in China
  • Long-term mindset: although Jack Ma shows to be extremely action driven, he also turns out to have a very clear vision of the long term impact of the decision he takes. The consistency of his vision over time, which is laid bare in the fascinating documentary “A Crocodile in the Yangze”, makes this coherence extremely clear.
  • Risk-taking mindset: Jack Ma used to be an English teacher making $12 a month. From his point of view, and as shown by the first quote of this article, he had nothing to lose. Alibaba started as a small company, battling giants like eBay, and the only imperative was action. Jack Ma always took the riskiest path, even when it meant keeping Taobao services free for years in order to push eBay’s Chinese subsidiary into oblivion.
And last but not least, he never took himself too seriously…

China love

   ” I’m not really the dating type… I spent most of my youth trying to figure out what the hell was wrong with me and why was I not like my classmates who all fell in love, multiple times, all around me. So my personal experiences in the “dating scene” back in China was highly abnormal and couldn’t be used as an example of anything.

But I did read a lot, and I listened to my friends talking about their experiences. And to be honest, I’m happy that I didn’t enter the Chinese dating scene, so to speak. Chinese dating culture is so toxic I wouldn’t want to touch it with a 10 foot pole.
One thing about Chinese culture is our obsession of female weight. I’m sure Japanese people and Korean people probably know what I’m talking about. There’s tremendous pressure for women to be underweight. I’m not talking about healthy weight, I’m talking about dangerously underweight.
A while back, the so-called A4 waist became trendy:
A4 waist means your waist shouldn’t be larger than a piece of A4 paper held vertically.
And before that I’ve heard the saying that if you’re over 50 kilogram (about 110 lbs), you should be ashamed, and you don’t deserve to be a woman.
Growing up in this environment, for the longest time, I thought I didn’t have a relationship because I was too fat (I was a size 6). And fat people don’t deserve happiness.
Men would openly talk about women’s weight, and laugh at “fat” woman.
And on top of that, there’s the ageism. Women are under tremendous pressure to get married before 25, and then before 30. If you aren’t married before 30, there must be something wrong with you. There’s the famous saying “women are like Christmas gifts, they lose value after 25.”
And on top of the ageism, there’s the anti-intellectualism. The famous saying would be “there’re three types of people: male, female and female PhD”, meaning women pursuing higher education and academia career are not women. They had lost their femininity. And no man would want to date a woman who is smarter and more capable than him.
So, in China, the dating culture is: Women are at their highest value if she’s stupid, less educated, skinny, and under 25. Women’s value is reduced if she’s older than 25, weighs more than 110 lbs, has a master’s degree or above, and is career driven.
No… I wouldn’t want to live in this kind of environment. I wouldn’t want to walk into a clothing store and be told “we don’t carry your size” (US size 8).”