Memory lapse

   “Yes, he does. He claims that his memory has worsened over the years, but the things I’ve seen him do are absolutely mindblowing.

When he was 5 years old, Magnus memorized the populations, capitals, areas and flags of all the 200 countries in the world, much to the surprise of his family, who had no idea he was even attempting such a thing. He had even taken it further, though, by memorizing the same numbers for all the 400+ municipalities of Norway. At memory games he was always unbeatable.
As a young teenager (I think he might have been 13), Magnus appeared on national television in the office of Grandmaster Simen Agdestein, the former number one in Norway. The walls in Agdestein’s office were covered with chess books. The GM, who was sort of his coach at one point, pulled down a random book from from the shelves, opened it up on a random page and held up a diagram, while covering all the text. Magnus hesitated for a moment, but then went on to provide the names of both the players who had played the game in the diagram as well as the year it was played and the tournament venue. He repeated this trick a few times and was spot on every time. We’re talking games that were played by Soviet players decades before Magnus was even born. And he knew them all.
His friend and second, GM Jon Ludvig Hammer, asked Magnus to reenact this stunt in adulthood, when training for his world championship match with Anand. I think there’s a YouTube video of it somewhere. Like I said, if his memory has worsened, it’s still quite insane.
Of course, he performs the usual grandmaster party tricks of simultaneous displays and blindfold exhibitions, but he takes it a step further. Among his feats are beating 10 players while blindfolded and 3 players blindfolded while playing with blitz time controls! It’s hard for us mere mortals to fathom exactly how difficult that is.
When Magnus is home in Norway, he sometimes shows up to tournaments, kibitzing on games. Discussing my own games with him can be rather humiliating, as he usually has better recollection of them than I do myself! And that’s after casually strolling past all boards in the tournament.
I’ve met my fair share of smart people, but never anyone with a memory like that.”

Passion for fashion

   “I think one of the most inspiring stories of genius children growing up to be successful adults is that of this girl from my country, the Philippines.

She’s Shaira Luna, circa 1995. That photo was a taken from her widely popular genius kids or “gifted children” advertisement. Basically, it was for a milk product that the brand claims to be vital in helping smart kids reach their true potential.
Shaira’s famous line from the advertisement was, “The cardiovascular system is the system that circulates blood around the body and transports nutrients and oxygen to the tissues .” She was only eight yrs. old back then, but she knew topics from 4th or 5th grade Science.
At 13 years old, she graduated from high school and got admitted to one of the top universities in the country. Taking up BS Human Biology, she was expected to become the youngest doctor in the Philippines.
But she became depressed when the unexpected happened to her — she failed a subject. Studying Science was supposed to be easy for her because of her high IQ, but no matter how hard she tried, she just seemed to fail. She shifted to various courses and after six years in college, she decided to drop out.
After dropping out, she struggled on finding her passion in life. As a kid, aside from being a Science whiz, she also excelled in singing, playing the guitar and sports. Basically, whatever she was taught to do, she excelled at it.
Shaira also happened to love watching bands and would go to her favourites’ gigs as a way of escaping the stress of school. This was where she found her true passion. She would take photos of the band. And eventually, she enjoyed photography and used it as her source of income.
But still, the road was not easy for her. Since she was just a budding photographer, there were limited projects for her. She would take photos of children’s birthday parties, small-time basketball leagues and christenings, among others. If you’re a photographer in the Philippines, the money you make out of these types of projects would not be enough to sustain your basic needs.
Even then, she continued taking photos of bands and also portraits. The bands would then post her photos in online forums and give credits to her. Eventually, people in the fashion industry started to notice her works and hired her for spreads.
So after ten years in limbo, she finally found her true passion and made a name for herself. Now, if anyone would make a list of the top fashion photographers in the Philippines, Shaira Luna will surely be included in it.
Here are some of her works.
Lucky Blue Smith
So, the moral of Shaira’s story is… You don’t have to have it all figured out right away. Even kids with skyrocketing IQ can get lost. Find your true passion and pursue it with all your heart. Eventually, everything will fall into place.
You can view more of her works hereand here.
By the way, here are the ads she was featured in, as a “gifted child.”
This was from 1995:

And this is the updated ad, 20 years after:”


Club tastes

   “Nightclub outfit should be cautiously selected depending on:

  • you have a boyfriend and you going there with him
  • you don’t have a boyfriend and are going there with a friend just to have fun
Problem when going to a nightclub with ajealous and insecure bf is that things can get out of hand and you should chose the outfit wisely and behave accordingly while there.
Here a few suggestions for you if youhave a boyfriend (not jealous) and is going there with him:
Option 1
Option 2
Option 3
If you don’t have a boyfriend and you want to have fun and enjoy yourself:
Option 4
Option 5
Option 6
Here a macaron for you and let the party begin. Have fun.

Once upon a sex story

    “I do not have a copy of William Rees-Mogg’s book “Blood in the Streets, but it had a Middle Ages verse of Muslims that went like this:

In France a noble came home to find another man in his bed with his wife. “Why are you in my house” ‘It was rainy. I was tired and hungry.’ “Why are you in my bed? “After eating I became sleepy.’ “ And with my wife?” ‘I was cold and the meal made me sleepy. So your wife took off my wet clothes and got in bed with me to warm things up.’ “If this happens again, we will quarrel!”
In short, like others said sex has been about the same forever, with minor variations.
Not sure about the Middle Ages much, though a high school teacher claimed the renaissance or middle ages had buxom gap toothed ladies being thought as sexual, apparently because the ‘sucked’ (the teacher, rather pretty in her 30′s, became red face and changed the subject).
The Renaissance had high born Italian marriages consummated by both families and the priest actually witnessing the sex act (to make sure he was capable and she a virgin). It was like checking the pig poke.
A bit later a distinguished French visitor was telling Isaac Newton a dirty joke of sexy nuns while a guest at the scientist’s home. Newton, probably a rare devout autistic adult virgin and certainly a prudish religious type, threw the foreigner onto the street despite Isaac being mildly anti Catholic.
I think Venerable Bede had some risque stories, too, in the Dark Ages.Certainly the bawdy Chaucer does in the Middle Ages like in the The Miller’s Tale – Wikipediawhere a carpenter has a lovely wife and two students want to have sex with her, one being a church clerk on the side. This is especially true when the wood worker (only in the actual sense, apparently) goes away on business.
Certain things were quite different, however. From what was read, poems of the male suitors striving to have lice and fleas “share our blood”. If widespread, we simply do not see love notes like that anymore, that is personally aware of.”

Who made bras famous?

   “Inside the house no women wear them.

My sister, your sister, my gf, your gf, your wife, your female friends, my female friends, no one use them inside the house. Comfort always comes first.
So the question is, how about outside?
Question: no bra, no problem?
Answer: yes.
Wait, for everybody?
Well, lets divide our world in three groups:
  • celebrities of all ages
  • 20 something non-celebrities
  • older non-celebrities
Lets see what celebrities think about it:
See? They couldn’t careless.
They do it because they can, and they need to be in the news constantly since image and being talked about is everything for them.
How about non-celebrities?
See, they do it because they feel great doing it.
Fashion is a statement.
They are saying loud and clear how greatthey feel doing it.
Don’t like it?
It is your problem.
As I said, I don’t like to see pink cars, so what?
But wait.
How about these outfits? Aren’t they gorgeous?
See, they don’t need a bra.
So, in summary, no bra, no problem, capisce?”

A youthful touch


Let me show a few examples from a girl about your age and see how gorgeous you can be.
You know who she is right?
Yeah, Emma Watson, 26 yo.
A movie star, incredibly beautiful and photogenic.
Anything she puts on creates an awesome image.
How about you?
I think you are also beautiful and photogenic and any of the above will fit you well.
But you must change one thing.
You must select a photo of Ellen Page not so sad.
You need to find one with a smile in her face so that people will know how beautiful you probably are.
So, have you made your choice?”

“Supersonic tracks the early days of the ’90s British rockers.”

cell phone touches


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Bird’s eye views!

   ” Every January 5th, dozens of children in the United States wake up excited by the prospect of birdwatching. National Bird Day, now in its 14th year, is dedicated to the enjoying and preservation of our fine feathered friends. This year, organizers are encouraging people to take the “captive bird video pledge” and promise not to share videos of captive “pet” birds.

For those of you who can’t or wont go out to bird watch, this list of birds with their babies is for you. Which one do you think is the cutest? Do you have any pictures of birds with their little ones? Vote, or post your own photos below!”




Mother's Love


Mother's Love


Under The Mother's Wings


Mother Swan




Unusual Nest




A Mother's Love


Chicago Photographer Has A New Family Take Over His Balcony




Swallow Family


Little Family


A Friend Of Mine Left His Car In A Parking Lot For 6 Days And Came Back To This




Unusual Home


Picked A Back




Duck Family


Hoopoe, Upupa Epops Nesting In An Old Barrel.
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Yahoo makes history

   ” A future service dog named Yahoo was taken to Disneyland as part of his training. While he was there he got his caricature drawn, which was a perfect opportunity for him to learn patience and obedience. A couple spotted Yahoo and couldn’t resist taking a photograph. They sent the picture to their 26-year-old daughter Katie who decided to share it on Twitter, and when she did, well, people just couldn’t handle it.

The pooch lives in San Marcos, California, with a volunteer who has been teaching the doggie basic obedience and socialization tricks. Everything is to prepare Yahoo to help a person with disabilities. The doggie is from Canine Companions for Independence, a nonprofit organization that helps breed and train service dogs, who are then offered to people with disabilities for free. By February 2017, the dog should be able to “open a door, turn on a light switch, [and] pull a wheelchair,” Jeanine Konopelski, a spokesperson for CCI, told BuzzFeed News.
Asked about taking assistance dogs to Disneyland, Konopelski said: “That’s a perfect training and socialization for one of our dogs to get used to waiting and sitting at attention.” Apparently, being among so many distractions proves whether the dog is ready to focus his full attention on the person the pooch is assigned to assist.
Do you already wonder how your dog would deal with Disney attractions? Well, keep on wondering, as Disneyland allows service dogs only! Well, at least for now…

Meet a future service dog named Yahoo who was taken to Disneyland as part of his training

Image credits:  cutiechaser

Posing for a caricature was a great opportunity for the pooch to learn how to stay obedient and patient for a long time

Image credits: Jeanine Konopelski

By February 2017, the dog should be able to open a door, turn on a light switch, and pull a wheelchair

Image credits: Jeanine Konopelski

Are women hard to figure out?

   ” The poet John Lychgate once said “You can please some of the people all of the time, you can please all of the people some of the time, but you can’t please all of the people all of the time.” And you only need to look at these illustrations to realize how true that is.
They’re drawn by artist and fashion designer Daisy Bernard, and they represent the fact that women are judged regardless of the expectations they try to live up to. Dress conservatively and you’re frigid, but wear something revealing and you’re obviously a slut. Likewise, women are often encouraged to be more assertive in the office, but when they are they’re considered bossy. “Women are being told to take off their bikinis and undress on the beach,” wrote Bernard in an article for The Tab. “But at the same time we should keep ourselves covered up, and shouldn’t show too much skin. These ridiculous expectations are created usually by men, and in many cases by other women too.”
More info: Instagram (h/t: The Tab)

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