What does freedom mean to one that was bound? Freedom can be deliverance from pressures associated with having to live life according to others definition of life. Some have been bound so long that when freedom finally reaches them, they fail to enjoy the liberty that comes with it. The spirit that made me free did not come from man but my creator. I exercise this right by power that is not of this world. I believe in a name that to me is above every name in heaven and earth, Jesus. Others believe in other things that they worship. I choose this because I am free. What do you serve because everyone worships something?

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  What are you using snapshot good for? I have saw people speak of snapshot but I have yet to see if it has applications relevant to my use. What have you used it for lately?

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  Everyone is looking for the jackpots of life. Where is your jackpot found? Some say their jackpot is in the lottery while others say it is in the church. Some have viewed their relationships with a particular person is a jackpot because they get along most of the time. Others even think their education is the jackpot. My on belief is with those that believe in the name Jesus. Many feel that some other thing is the jackpot. So we are all waiting to see our life delivered away from false things.
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   When is the last time you took a break? No matter how many breaks you get in life, there is always room for more. When you spend your time working for a living, a break away from the action is usually appreciated. I am not just talking about breaks from jobs but from things that tend to stress you out. Maybe you are one of those people that never gets bothered by anything or anyone. Living on this planet is full of activities that you need a break from. When is the last time you had a break from paying bills?
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