Changing lanes

  How many times have you changed lanes in life? On our way to do things in life, we often find our self changing lanes. How many different jobs have you had in your life? I have had more lane changes in my life that I care to try to remember. Changing lanes can take you to so many different places in your life. It has come to be a ever present adventure but thus far it has made my life worth living. When getting to take part in the unknowns is a common place thing, it turns out that life is full of changes. I guess you can say that there is something to say for changing the background of life. Different jobs have different set ups and they are often new when changing lanes.


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When is the last time you found something on Craigslist?

   I really don’t use Craigslist much but it can be a helpful tool when you are doing things fast. when is the last time you looked for a job? I recently moved to California and jobs are a must if you are going to survive here. I have worked a large part of my  life so working is something that I enjoy doing. The new way of job searching includes Craigslist for many. I have found other things that I needed using this list. When will you be looking for something that you need right away?

When light falls on you

  When light falls on anything it changes. Did light or enlightenment change you? It has been awhile since changes came into my life but light brought it. My understanding of so many things in life came as a result of life destroying the shadows in my life. Sometimes light came as the sound of music. The words spoken in the song opened me up to things that I was closed or in the dark about. When will light enter your darkness? /

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Changing your life is a good thing

    Being able to change your life so that things  would be different could involve so many things. what comes to mind when you think of these changes? A job that had a higher pay would mean drastic  changes could take place in your standard of living. Being able to afford things to bring about better health would mean a difference in the life of a person that could now afford it. Being able to buy things such as cars could mean reaching places that public transportation does not go. Getting foods that are healthy means the right vitamins are now being taken into the body to improve the overall health of the individual that is now living a better life. I know there are so many other things that could be said about this subject such as living in nicer homes or apartments. What would you do to change your life if you had the chance?


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Right in the middle

Sometimes we find ourselves in the middle of doing something important. Have you ever found yourself trying to finish something important and get interupted? It never fails it seems to have something come up when you are just about through with something you consider important. The ones who interrupt us feel that what they have to do is always more important than what we are doing. It never fails to happen that way for me. I guess I am the only one that this happens to, right?

First time ever

   Doing things for the first time can be the memory of a life-time. Can you remember the first time you had sex? I can recall my first pro sports event. It was the first time I was with so many people at one event. There have been a lot of first times for me. Can you think of more?
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What id

   What kind of id moves you to do what’s next? So many things are the cause of so many actions. Who knows that debt or even the foundation upon which their I’d rests. Never give up on ideas that start and end with good. Going forward starts with the right inner ideas. Where does your I’d rest?

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