Laughter is fun to some

  Being able to enjoy life includes laughter. Had any good laughs lately? So many things in life involve laughter. Many times laughter is the medicine needed to bring about the healings we need. Laughter works the miracle. Have tasted a full spoon of laughter lately? Going to places that people often laugh such as play grounds or parks is still a fun place to be around joyous people.

Life of interest in different things

    Life is filled with different interests. What are some of the things people share as interesting to them? Opportunities to do, have, see, or speak such as languages. Sometimes just sharing a common language is enough to spark interest because of a language understanding. When in your neighborhood you find people that speak different languages, we often feel safe around people we understand. Even on social media sites, we often gravitate toward those we understand. This is a subject that has many avenues on which to travel but for a brief moment we share the road of language. How did you like our short trip?

Another greeting

  Looking at the season that is upon us, I find myself doing something that others may think should be done now. What does greeting have to do with anything. I find saying things like, good mourning, good evening, hello, goodbye, or how is your day going as common but I am finding out that these are some of the things that are missing from our society today. Maybe the memo wasn’t sent out to everyone. Maybe languages are starting to go backward or is it just me. Has the fear of doing something so easy as greeting people lost its’ place in our upbeat world? Something’s that are deemed useless often make great differences in the world we live in and by the way, seasons greetings to everyone!

Hi ,

The 1 x 3 cyclers are a hybrid straightline system.

Where the standard straightline systems place a new member under the next in line our system places the new member under the 2 x 7 sponsor if they have a position in the cycle, if not they go under the next in line.

When a member cycles they get a free re-entry into the cycler. All re-entry positions are placed under the next in line positions.

This system speeds up the cycling of members further down line.

There are 5 Cyclers all with a one time entry fee and infinite re-entry earnings.

1. The $5 Cycler which payouts $7.00 + a Free Re-entry.
2. The $10 Cycler which payouts $17.00 + a Free Re-entry.
3. The $25 Cycler which payouts $47.00 + a Free Re-entry.
4. The $50 Cycler which payouts $97.00 + a Free Re-entry.
5. The $100 Cycler which payouts $197.00 + a Free Re-entry.

To prevent block purchasers holding up everyone else from cycling. Members will only be permitted to purchase one initial position in each cycler. On cycling members will receive 1 Free position and will be able to purchase one additional position.

This will enable members to build up multiple positions and multiple income spread out over the straightline matrices.


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william floyd

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Start Life

  Life happens daily. When does life start for you? Many people say that life starts at a particular number while others base it on a event. Some in different cultures don’t think of numbers I r events because they are so busy living life. I say one day at a time. Do you have a idea about when life starts?

Holiday plans at Christmas

  What are your plans for the holiday season? So many things are planned for this time of the year for those that believe in this season. many have already made reservations to be with people that they hold dear to them while others see this time of the year as being no different from any other time. Some may ask themselves why , while others do what they would do on say, Christmas day. When I was younger, I always looked forward to this time of the year. It was a time when giving was very much a part of our life, not that that part of my life has changed over the yeas. Giving is still important to me but not just at this time of the year. Christmas will always hold a special place in my life because I still believe in the greatest gift that has ever been given. Many have other beliefs and it is to each his or her own. How do you feel about this time of the year? splashid=18&rid=1344

Omega Visage

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cmChannel = ‘Mobile NL3’;

cmWidth = 300;

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What ivy

   What kind of ivy league? Some think in terms of plants while others talk of football. The education that is not a game is the best kind. Not every type of ivy grows from the ground, some would say it is played out on the gridiron. Where is your ivy found?

Filled weekend

   What to do with the weekend. Whose going to spend the weekend along? I have quite a few weekends along because it is safe. Being around some people can be a hazard because of what they do. Who likes to spend time with family? Sometimes we are blessed to have wonderful families. Although we live far apart, we don’t see each other often these days but the love is still there. I love all of my family. How many have a special someone in their life? It’s a everyday thing for you to share some time enjoying one another being there. Are you making the best of your weekend?

Types of cars

   What comes to your mind when you hear, type of car ? I think about the engine size while others think of the body style. Cars to me are a means of transportation. Someone else may see them as something to hopefully get the ladies attention. Some may think of cars in other ways. I guess it all comes down to the person making the judgment call. Some may even see them as collectors items like paintings to a art collector. Some may see them like stamp collectors or any type of collector. What type of views do you have when it comes to cars? splashid=17&rid=1344

Looking at free will

   What exactly is free will ? I believe we all have the ability to make right choices because they are always before us. We have the chance to fail or make the right choices between life and death. When we make the right choices, benefits usually follow. When the wrong choice is made, hardships usually follow. I have made some of both. What will you choose today?
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What is out of the box all about?

   Coming out of the box can apply to so many things but today I will see how many ways I can approach the subject that often has so many different connotations and applications. We could be coming out of the box with a new toy created by the minds of people at Disney. A toy playhouse from Disney or even out of the box from some other brand name.  Coming out of the box could apply to thinking differently about some popular subject matter. There can be so many different meanings connected to out of the box.It could be a popular theme song titled, out of the box.There may even be a episode titled out of the box. Can you think of something out of the box besides this posting about being out of the box?