Who enjoys touching? After having time to live through different things in life, I have come to the realization of how important the life of everyone is important. What would life be without someone to touch. I have found out the importance of a simple touch. Many ask why being in relationships is meaningful but those that get a daily touch are comforted from these actions. When is the last meaningful touch taken place in your life?


   Checking to see how everyone is doing so far. How is your love life? I know this is the start of a new week that has new challenges. Although it may seem like the same old thing happening again but if you really take a closer look, something has changed. Someone was looking for a new girlfriend over the weekend and they got her. Someone else was looking for a new boyfriend and they got him. Somebody didn’t get either one but came up with new prospects. I know somebody was trying to stabilize an ongoing relationship that is growing colder by the minute. Somebody just got out of a long relationship and they are not ready to start anything new. Someone is not feeling capable of being in a relationship but inside they are. Which if any of these groups are you a part of today?

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