Is it evening where you are? Well, it’s the end of a work day for some and the start for others. Days don’t stay in one place all the time, they move around and give everyone a chance to see what they feel like. It’s good to accomplish things before they move on. Even the smallest accomplishments in a day mean so much. What are you doing until evening comes again?


NJ      I remember having a garden when I was growing up. I thought of myself as a person with a green thumb. It has always intrigued me to see and make things grow. I would look for the first sprout breaking through to be greeted by the bright sunlight. There were other things I remember about growing up but this is one that came to mind today. There will be more days like that one pulled from my past.
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   Have you heard of adrenal fatigue? In my reading I came across a subject that sounded interesting. When I heard the word tired, it really caught my ears. I know that I am not as young as I used to be but I wondered if my being tired had something to do with, adrenal fatigue.

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   Counting up the cost is something we do if we are aware of what is going on around us. It cost to live in this world. Are you counting up the cost? It is a thing that we pay for daily. It often drains you if you are not full of life. I take notice of what it takes to get from one part of the day or night to the next. Never take anything for granted because it could turn out harder than you thought. Did you start counting yet?

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   Fresh thoughts bring the light of a new day. What will this new day bring into your mourning? Time is running all the time and we that are alive during this mourning should make the best of every second. I plan to do just that. What about you?
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Made It Again

   It seems that making it through the week with no hits, runs, or errors is a challenge. Did you do it again? There were new things faced this week and for some it was the usual.The time spent was limited by twenty-four hours which make a day. It seemed like the week wasn’t moving at times but time never stands still. How does winning feel?
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   What are vapors? To me vapors are all the things that take place in life to bring about a stable life. So many things can happen and they do. Some things happen while we are resting. While we walk, run, or even ride through life, things happen to all of us. Some things bring stability to us while others change the state of our very existence. What is your vapor flavored with today?

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  What track is your life on? Some people have a derailed life while others are on their way to brighter futures. All it takes to get on track is a vision. How many reading this blog have no sight? Attention to minor details can lead to future success stories. Are you a story of success waiting to be told?

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