Celebrate Life

   When is the right
time to celebrate life? Who spends time enjoying every day as if it was
the last day on the planet? What would you do if you knew today was going to be
the last time that you were going to be alive. What is the one thing among
all that you have done in your life that would fulfill your lifelong dreams? Celebration
of a full life lived is the best kind. If you knew that you had lived
your life to the fullest, there wouldn’t be a moment that you would try to do
that last thing. You would have done everything that you wanted to during our life
and it would be time to move on without any regret. How many people really live
their life to the fullest every day?
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Spring Has Sprung


   It is time to begin to prepare for the spring
thaw. It has been quite a while since I have felt the sunshine on my face. The
warm breeze blowing against my face seems to ease the calm of a winter that
seemed at times to have no end. Getting to spend time outside enjoying weather
that has been absent from my days for quite some time now. Spring is raising its
head on my day and I am glad that it did. Now to make plans for the coming days
of sunshine that is here after such a wait, let me see?
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      Have you ever
thought about leaving the world with all of its cares behind? It is strange how
life sometimes brings about changes that we often find ourselves unprepared to
understand the where and why of the events. I have been fortunate enough to
survive those times and keep going. Life has the tendency of throwing curve
balls and not giving any warning beforehand. Sometimes we are fortunate enough
to react before suffering any major damage or setbacks. Surprises come from
without and some even come from within us. How many have suffered diseases that
we never knew we had until we happened to be having a checkup that turned into
a time that we learned of some unexpected change in our health or in someone
that we loved health. This list could go on endlessly to include events that
could be escaped by getting proper medical treatment or treatment of some other
kind. Escape takes the form of physical or even mental escape. Our minds are
seeking escape from some other the problems that we face from day to day life.

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