Flying Car Inventions

Is ‘The Jetsons’ flying car finally here?

Ever since the early 1960s when we were glued to the animated sitcom “The Jetsons”, whimsical visions of a futuristic space utopia filled our imaginations leaving people asking themselves: “Where’s my flying car?”
Point taken, but perhaps now, as our childhood dreams move slowly closer to reality, we should also start pondering this: if a flying car was here today, in the real world and not in the realm of science fiction, would we feel comfortable controlling it safely while cruising thousands of feet up in the air? Would we possess the technical skills required to even get it off the ground, let alone land it without a scratch?
Before you dash to the door and sprint to your nearest pilot school to sign up for flight lessons, take a moment to meet Carl Dietrich, the chief executive and co-founder of aerospace company Terrafugia.
Dietrich and his team are working to bring consumers closer to the prospect of a practical flying car, envisioning a vehicle that does not require its operator to be a trained pilot. Thus, Boston -based Terrafugia announced last May it had started working on the concept of TF-X, a four-seat, plug-in hybrid electric car that can do vertical take-offs and landings.
Who makes the calls?
Although not driverless, Dietrich says the TF-X could increase the level of so-called “human directed local autonomy,” a term he describes as a “big fancy phrase” that essentially means that the vehicle’s operator won’t need to have the knowledge or skills of a pilot.
“They don’t need to know those things because the computer is plugged in to a data network that automatically helps them plan the flight path, avoid other air traffic and air space restrictions, things of that nature,” says Dietrich. He explains that operators would still have to make high-level, critical decisions, like determining whether it’s safe to take off and land or approve the landing zone in advance.
Flying Car

First flying car to go on sale in 2015 01:53

Flying Car

Driverless cars could let you sleep 02:36

“Anything that happens on the ground, the person is going to make a call,” says Dietrich. “Once you’re flying, the actual operation of all the flight control surfaces is going to be computer controlled because, frankly, the computer can do it better than a pilot.”
Yet, if you have the vision that the semi-autonomous vehicle would help you escape annoying traffic jams by simply taking off the ground, you’d better think again.
“That’s science fiction and that will always be science fiction,” says Dietrich, explaining that vertical liftoffs require a lot of air to be blown down which is not practical and can cause damages to neighboring vehicles. Instead, TF-X would be able to take off in airports and helipads, as well as specially designed spaces — the size of a tennis court — that would be devoid of street lights, road signs and power lines.
From dreams to reality
Yet, the TF-X concept is not Terrafugia’s first attempt to take to the skies. Founded in 2006, the company made headlines in recent years with Transition, a street legal airplane that can be flown in and out of general aviation airports.
More like a driveable plane than a flying car, the two-seat vehicle can fold up its wings — just like putting the top down into a convertible car — and fly with a cruise speed of 100 miles per hour; it can also be parked inside a single car garage, driven on the road on a highway speed and run on automotive gasoline.
Terrafugia has been flying prototypes of Transition since 2009 and is now very close to getting it to the market. “We have over 100 orders for Transition,” says Dietrich, adding that Transition costs $279,000. “We are expecting to ship the first products to customers in the second quarter of 2016.”
But in order for users to be able to fly the Transition, they would need to have at least a sport pilot’s license, which requires 20 hours of flight time — most sport pilots take 30-35 hours to get their sport pilot certificates.
With its new prototype, however, Terrafugia believes that just five hours would be enough for users to learn how to operate the TF-X vehicle, appealing to a broader segment of the population. Dietrich says all operators will need to know is how to interface with the vehicle, how to determine if it’s to safe to take off and land and what to do on the event of an emergency — in those cases, operators would be able to pull a handle which would be able to activate a parachute system for the entire vehicle by pulling a handle.
Future is now?
So, how far away are we from our first ever TF-X air cruise?
“It’s hard to say exactly, but we estimate eight to12 years,” says Dietrich, who admits that even if Terrafugia had all the capital required to develop TF-X — which it doesn’t — the realization of the project depends on technological developments as well as regulators changing the way aircraft are currently certified.
Flying Car

Can driverless cars improve road safety? 02:43

Dietrich says Terrafugia is “heavily involved” with international committees to write new certification standards that account for some of the new technologies that are increasingly coming to the market for manned and unmanned aircraft, and which also apply to TF-X — things like electric motors and batteries for general aviation aircraft.
“Those sort of things have never been certified before so we don’t know how long it will take for regulatory bodies to adapt to the new technology,” he says. “The rules are all very old, the rules need to be updated,” adds Dietrich. “If the rules are successfully updated then we see the possibility for somebody to get what we call a TF-X operator’s permit in as little as five hours.”
Ultimately, Dietrich says, the goal of the whole TF-X program “is to make the idea of the flying car a reality.”
“In order to do that, we have to lower the barrier entry to aviation,” he adds. “We have to make it easier, we have to make it safer, we have to make it faster than driving your car, and we have to make it significantly more convenient than operating an airplane today,” continues Dietrich. “It’s going to take a while to get there, but that’s the goal.”
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Influencer Marketing And Psychology

The Right Way To Use Social Proof Vs. Influencer Marketing, Based On Psychology

What’s behind influence? Trust.

Trust leads to belief, loyalty, action, and advocacy. And it comes from credibility and authority.

Becoming a trustworthy brand is easier said than done, which is why marketing tactics exist precisely to build trust. These tactics fall into two main categories: social proof and influencer marketing. Both rely on trusting relationships, but are not interchangeable, so let’s define each.


  • Social or peer proof: The psychological phenomenon referring to how people rely on the input and actions of trusted peers to make decisions about what is right and wrong.
  • Influencer marketing: The marketing tactic that involves partnering with individuals who have broad influence over your prospects to produce content that you own or sponsor.


Peer proof is based on the individual influence and interactions of personal peers, while influencer marketing relies on the broad influence and knowledge of an well-known expert. Though different in scale, they both have the power to persuade.

Influencer Marketing

Dr. Robert Cialdini, a psychology expert best known for his book Influence: The Psychology of Persuasion, outlines six principles that play into persuasion. The third principle is authority: the concept that people follow the lead of believable and knowledgeable experts. Cue influencer marketing. The sixth principle is consensus, the instinct to look to others for guidance when uncertain about what to do or think—read, peer proof.

Cialdini explains, “What the science is telling us is that it’s important to signal to others what makes you a credible, knowledgeable authority before you make your influence attempt.” Since you aren’t exactly an unbiased source to recommend your own products or services, he advises having others do it for you.

Similarly, a Content Marketing Institute survey found that business decision-makers value the credibility and objectivity of information the most during the purchase process. Just 24 percent want information to come straight from the partner or product they’re considering.

The influence of peers and influencers should be applied at different times and in different ways as part of your marketing strategy. Here’s how to know when peer proof will work, and when to use influencer marketing.

Use Social Proof to Help You Convince and Convert

Peer proof is all about personal connections and first-hand experience. If someone you know suggests something based on their own experience or knowledge, and you trust their judgment, you’re more likely to listen and take their advice.

The Content Marketing Institute survey revealed that peer recommendations are by far the most influential in making purchase decisions, ranked the top-trusted source by 80 percent of respondents. The third most credible source is another form of social proof: product reviews. Regardless of whether it’s a personal or professional relationship, verbal or written support from a peer trumps all for trust.

But since it’s most effective when organic and one-to-one, how can you scale its impact?


  • Online reviews: Written endorsements from customers or clients on public review sites and forums like Yelp, Google, Glassdoor, Angie’s List, etc.
  • Branded forums: Brand-owned platforms that allow customers or clients to share recommendations, questions, or feedback.
  • Loyalty programs: Rewards program exclusively for customers who frequently make purchases or contribute to a brand’s business goals.
  • Referral incentives: Benefits or bonuses given to customers for successfully referring a new customer or client.
  • Brand ambassadors: Inner circle of customers who promote your brand or products for an incentive: discounts, stipend, referral bonuses—even social status.
  • User testimonials: Positive reviews of your products or services featured on your website or other owned properties.


The Beautycounter Consultant program shows scaled social proof in action. Beautycounter is a skincare and makeup brand that uses only safe and natural ingredients. Consultants receive a 25 percent discount on all products, can get up to 35 percent commission on retail sales, and can even qualify for special incentives like trips and access to exclusive events.

Influencer Marketing

Taking advantage of peer proof, Consultants invite their friends to Beautycounter Socials to try out various products—hopefully to end up buying something. They teach their friends about the harmful side of the beauty industry and explain Beautycounter’s commitment to safety. I attended one of these Socials organized by a close friend of mine. I have a very simple and frugal beauty routine, but I ended up buying a 40-dollar face cream—just to support my friend!

Work With Influencers to Increase Your Awareness and Audience

The title “influencer” is often misapplied to people who solely have a large social media following. However, influence is more than just reach—it’s also authority. So they have a ton of followers, but do they have the trust of those followers? Can they actually influence them? You want to work with influencers to build exposure among new audiences, but you want to make sure it’s the right audience and can result in action.

Influencer marketing also isn’t about celebrity endorsements. When done well, it’s about paying or incentivizing someone to produce content on your brand properties or creating content about your brand on their own platforms. Both tactics can be either one-time or ongoing, depending on the marketing context or campaign.


  • Content contributors: Compensating an individual who has relevant expertise and widespread recognition to create content for your owned properties (website, blog, social media, etc.)
  • Sponsored content: Paying an individual to create content about their experience with your brand on their own properties (blog, social media, email newsletter, etc.).


Influencers played a big role in the success of Dunkin’ Donuts 2016 National Donut Day campaign. With Snapchat as the primary promotion channel, they partnered with eight influencers to create and share content teasing the offer to their followers. On the day of, the influencers took over the Dunkin’ Donuts Snapchat account, encouraging people to redeem the offer and announcing custom Geofilters to use in Dunkin’ Donuts stores.

Influencer Marketing

Image attribution: Courtney Prather

It was a wild success. Dunkin’ Donuts gained ten times more Snapchat followers in one day than their average monthly followers. The campaign reached three million people with 40,000 total cross-platform engagements, and the Geofilters had hundreds of thousands of uses, bringing in millions of views. These results show that Dunkin’ Donuts knew exactly when to use influencer marketing to increase their audience and build awareness for the National Donut Day offer.

Getting back to the psychology of persuasion, influencer marketing skeptics may question how well people receive and believe sponsored content. If people can tell that it’s sponsored, won’t it have less credibility? Surprisingly, according to Cialdini’s research, it doesn’t really matter whether or not it’s obvious that the person will benefit from the partnership—monetarily or otherwise.

Trustworthy brands naturally earn advocates. Although the ultimate goal is to get organic endorsements, it will probably take a little incentivizing to get support consistently and at scale. From recruiting brand ambassadors to partnering with a subject-matter expert, you can take advantage of the way peer proof directs our actions and the authority and awareness that influencers lend to your brand visibility.


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TrafficWave Reviews

TrafficWave Review

TrafficWave Review – Email Marketing Success

trafficwave reviewWe’ve heard it over and over: “The Profit Is In The List”. Sometimes, it helps to see real world examples of businesses using email marketing to not only generate leads, but to close more sales. While you can find a number of sites offering a trafficwave review, we wanted to share with you some of the stories we have received from our users.

Here are some great examples of email marketing success stories from real businesses around the world to show you how they are using Autoresponders to increase business with email marketing:

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– Ben Olszewski
Affiliate Marketer / Swim Coach

“I have used Trafficwave for years for several of my email lists and love the fact that as my list grows my payment does not. I have thousands of people on my emails lists now and am still paying the same price. Trafficwave does what I need it to do with sending autoresponders and broadcasts and for the price, you cannot beat it!”
– Shelley Hitz,
Author Coach

TrafficWave Review

“I have used other autoresponder services but I prefer TrafficWave because it works very well to deliver timely content to thousands of subscribers and the price is simply the best value anywhere. I use TrafficWave to keep my business partners informed and they are able to use my email campaigns for their teams. When asked if TrafficWave makes me money I smile and say, ‘absolutely!’”
Chase Swift

“No matter where I am or what I’m doing, my TrafficWave AutoResponder never sleeps!

I love using TrafficWave to generate leads, drives sales, and train my team!”

Didi Wargo
Affiliate Marketer

email marketing success stories from

I am very happy with Trafficwave. We used another company without a flat rate. I was recommended to try TrafficWave and we started working with it. We transferred our entire list of followers and started again to grow the list. In the other company it was almost impossible due to the increase of the cost month after month. Trafficwave is fantastic. I recommend it. My company is dedicated to spreading and teaching how to use the power of positive thinking in Spanish. We are very happy to be members of TrafficWave.

Diego Luis Labrousse

I have been an avid TrafficWave User for several years now. I find it to be a powerful, flexible, reliable service that keeps me in contact with the people on my list. It is my number one internet tool for the development of my business, my ministry and my social connections.

I use it to build my business by educating my prospects, building trust with my prospects and when those prospects become customers they are loyal.

In my ministry I am able to keep people informed, provide distance education modules and serve large group meetings with efficiency and personal attention.

And finally, as I live far from my birth place, I keep friends family and new acquaintances up to date on all we are doing. So I use TrafficWave in all walks of my life, Professional Business development, Service to the community, and personal social circles. It is the best.

George McBride

TrafficWave Reviews

TrafficWave Review

email marketing success stories“I chose TrafficWave because of the price and how easy it was to set up forms in my WordPress blog. Now, I’m able to build my fan base, communicate with them, and stay in touch with my booking contacts.

Any time I sing, I make sure I tell fans how to join my list online and when I book new events, I can quickly let everyone know when and where we are with the click of my mouse.”

Sheri Lavo
Houston Singer

“I began using the TrafficWave auto-responder on the front page of my web site in 2006. The auto-responder sends a free report about using press releases to promote an online business, along with follow-up messages. The auto-responder has freed me from manually responding to the hundreds of requests I receive for information every week.

TrafficWave Reviews has also helped me to educate and inform my prospects, to help them come to a buying decision before I ever talk to them. This has enabled me to close more sales because my prospects are more highly qualified as a result of the information they receive from the auto-responder from TrafficWave. I can spend more of my time writing, instead of prospecting and selling.”
— David M. Bresnahan, Owner

I chose Trafficwave because of the simple price structure. As a beginning author, I have a limited marketing budget. I like the ease of setting up different campaigns for different books or blogs. My budget minded side of me likes knowing I’ll pay the same price whether my list is 50 or when it reaches 50,000.

I know the importance of having an autoresponder that is respected by the inboxes. I have peace of mind knowing my emails don’t end up in the SPAM or Junk folders.

Kim Steadman

TrafficWave Review

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Presidential Indictment

Donald Trump should not assume he’s above the law. A sitting president can be indicted.

Despite Trump’s proclamation of there still being NO collusion, Democratic Senator, Richard Blumenthal told CNN that if Robert Mueller chooses to…he could indict the President… Veuer’s Chandra Lanier has the story. Buzz60

Donald Trump and Rudy Giuliani would be unwise to assume presidents can’t be indicted. The Constitution doesn’t bar it and Rod Rosenstein could allow it.


Faced with the possibility that his client is criminally exposed on multiple fronts, the president’s attorney Rudy Giuliani recently advanced this argument on behalf of the president: A sitting president, he contends, cannot be indicted. He is wrong, and his client should take scant comfort in this claim.

Giuliani’s assertion comes as President Trump faces at least four allegations of criminal misconduct. He and senior members of his campaign are under investigation for coordinating with Russians to win the 2016 election. There is also substantial evidence that he obstructed justice by engaging in a pattern of conduct aimed at interfering with that investigation and special counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation of his former aide Michael Flynn.

Trump also might have received an illegal campaign contribution from Michael Cohen in the form of a $130,000 payment to Stormy Daniels for her silence about an alleged affair with Trump. And Trump may have knowingly falsified his 2017 public financial disclosure form by failing to disclose his liability to Cohen if, as the president recently acknowledged, that payment was a loan.

Giuliani is relying on 1973 and 2000 opinions from the Justice Department’s Office of Legal Counsel (OLC), but both he and they are mistaken. Subjecting the president to the time-consuming need to defend a prosecution would not, as argued,unconstitutionally incapacitate the executive branch.

More: Donald Trump’s war on Justice enters alarming phase

More: Mueller’s Trump-Russia investigation is a year old. Too soon to ‘wrap it up.’

The Supreme Court heard similar arguments from Presidents Nixon and Clinton when they tried to avoid potentially damaging proceedings. In Nixon’s case, it was a criminal subpoena for his tape recordings of Oval Office conversations. In Clinton’s, it was a civil lawsuit brought by Paula Jones.


The Supreme Court rejected the presidential blocking moves both times. While a president is entitled to special accommodation, the court has held that a president enjoys no special immunity from court jurisdiction and the legal process while in office.

If in fact a president is so consumed by a legal defense that he or she cannot lead the executive branch, there are other options. The vice president is constitutionally permitted under the 25th Amendment to assume the office when a president cannot perform its functions. If Trump finds himself in a position where he cannot faithfully execute his official duties, he may resign, or invoke the 25th Amendment and step aside temporarily.

Those options, while obviously unpalatable to the president, are consistent with a basic principle of our democracy: No person is above the law.

There is no explicit declaration in the text of our Constitution that provides immunity to the president while in office for crimes that he or she commits. In addition, while the text of the Constitution is silent on presidential immunity, it is explicit on congressional immunity. No member of Congress may be prosecuted for what is said during speech and debate.

Plainly, the Framers knew how to provide for immunity when they wanted to — so their failure to do so for the president strongly implies that they didn’t believe it was appropriate in that case.


The closest the Constitution comes to addressing the matter is Article I, Section 3, which provides that after impeachment and removal from office, an individual “shall nevertheless be liable and subject to indictment, trial, judgment and punishment, according to law.”

This provision does not imply that prosecution takes place only when a president is out of office; it is simply intended to show that impeachment is not the only remedy for presidential crimes.

The opinion that a president cannot be indicted has been rejected by those who have held the solemn responsibility of deciding how to handle potentially criminal conduct by a president. Leon Jaworski, the special prosecutor who took over the Watergate prosecution after Nixon fired his predecessor, Archibald Cox, ultimately asked a grand jury to refer evidence against the president to Congress.


However, that report said the grand jury was “deferring” to Congress’ “primary jurisdiction,” not that the grand jury was powerless to indict.

Furthermore, Congress had already begun impeachment proceedings, so it was clear that another branch of government would seriously grapple with holding Nixon accountable. (In addition, Nixon was named an unindicted co-conspirator in the major criminal prosecution in Watergate.)

More: Trump’s 5 reasons to fire Rod Rosenstein reveal true aim: Obstructing Mueller

POLICING THE USA: A look at race, justice, media

Independent counsel Kenneth Starr also famously reported evidence of possible articles of impeachment against Clinton to Congress. However, Starr’s team concluded that “it is proper, constitutional and legal for a federal grand jury to indict a sitting president for serious criminal acts that are not part of, and are contrary to, the president’s official duties.”

That brings us to the ultimate reason that Giuliani and the president would be unwise to rely on the Justice Department policy. Even if Mueller did acknowledge that as special counsel he cannot indict the president, as Giuliani claims, that is not definitive. Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein may give him permission to override that limit.

The special counsel regulations and the authority Rosenstein enjoys as acting attorney general over this matter allow him to make that decision. Because of the legal infirmities of the OLC opinions we have described, that outcome cannot be considered off the table. Then it would be for the courts to resolve, and as we have shown, they have been hostile to similar presidential claims.


Make no mistake — we are not suggesting that the forbearance on prosecution that Jaworski and Starr demonstrated is a bad model for Rosenstein and Mueller. The indictment of our democratically elected leader would be an unprecedented and somber moment for our democracy.

Instead, we are arguing that pursuing an indictment of a sitting president is a last resort that is entirely consistent with our constitutional values and democratic norms. It should be on the table not because it is a perfect option, but rather because it is preferable to a world in which our president is above the law and can engage in criminal conduct with impunity.

Norman Eisen, chairman of Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington, was chief White House ethics lawyer for Barack Obama. Follow him on Twitter: @NormEisenElizabeth Holtzman, a former Democratic congresswoman, Brooklyn district attorney and New York City comptroller, served on the House Judiciary Committee during the Nixon impeachment hearings. 

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Workout Queen

Forbes Top Influencers: Inside The Rise Of Kayla Itsines, The Internet’s Workout Queen

Workout Queen

Hilary Swift/The New York Times/Redux Pictures

  What is a workout queen? Kayla Itsines’ rise from teenaged personal trainer in Australia’s fifth-largest city to the internet’s undisputed fitness queen – and a multimillionaire to boot – is as stunning as it is indicative of the power of social media to build a bona fide movement.

The 25-year-old Adelaide native oversees an empire that now includes paid ebooks, a stadium tour, hardcover bestsellers, and a hugely popular app. ‘Sweat With Kayla’ was the most-downloaded fitness app on both iOS and Google Play in 2016, according to analytics firm App Annie, raking in $17 million in revenues.

Itsines tops the Fitness category of Forbes’ inaugural Top Influencers list, leading a field that includes Jen Selter (#2), who went from the front desk at her gym to the leader of a booty-boosting workout movement; Joe Wicks (#5), the Brit who turned an inspirational Twitter feed into a lucrative cookbook and DVD series; and Rachel Brathen (#10), the Swede who goes by ‘Yoga Girl’ and commands upwards of $25,000 an Instagram post.

Workout Queen

Hundreds of thousands of women worldwide spend $19.99 a month on Itsines’ Bikini Body Training Guide program, keeping their own followers updated on their progress using the hashtag #bbg. Itsines and her partner Tobi Pearce created the workout and nutritional plan in 2014.

As of March 2017, #bbg and related hashtags like #bbgprogress and #bbgcommunity had been used in well over 10 million Instagram posts, with Itsines herself boasting upwards of 6.6 million followers on the photo sharing app.

The cult of Itsines grew entirely organically. Left in charge of the Adelaide gym where she worked by an absent manager in the late noughties, the then-teen began developing a program to target what she saw as problem areas for women: abs, arms, and thighs. As her clients began to notice changes, they spread the word online. In 2012, she decided to capitalize on her growing following.

Top Influencers 2017: Fitness

“It was then I decided to build a presence on Instagram and Facebook, in order to share my training and nutrition methods.” Itsines wrote on her website. “By uploading client transformations, healthy eating ideas, and some training tips, I was able to inspire thousands of women to move towards a healthier lifestyle and nothing makes me happier.”

Today, she packs football stadiums; in 2016, her multi-city U.S. Sweat Tour sold out in about an hour. Superfans lined up to take selfies. Some wept.

Later in the year, she released a compendium of 200 recipes, ‘The Bikini Body 28-Day Healthy Eating & Lifestyle Guide.’ It became a bestseller even in hardcover.

Itsines’ online presence remains relatable despite her fame and considerable fortune, much to the relief of her many millions of fans. She’s partial to the heart-eyes emoji, and in between fitness tips and photos of fruit plates or beach vistas, she posts motivational quotes.

“You are good enough, smart enough, beautiful enough and strong enough,” she posted to her 11.4 million Facebook followers in March. “Believe it and never let insecurity ruin your life.”

9 Email Marketing Tips and Fine Practices

#1. Construct focused lists

Email marketing nowadays is unequivocally permission-based totally. You send may send handy emails to those who opted into your list and expressed a choice to receive your content material.

Spamming is a misplaced cause. Don’t buy lists and ship unsolicited emails – it’ll backfire and harm your emblem.

Make the effort to begin with to construct out your listing. Folks who subscribed with hobbies are much more likely to live subscribed. Junk mail is viewed so negatively that even if you reach someone inquisitive about what you provide, they’re more likely to unsubscribe.

#2. Automate drip campaigns

As William says, “don’t wait, automate.”

A lot of the e-mail content you’ll send out could be from prepared electronic mail sequences you operate as drip campaigns. This calls for more content material advent paintings up the front, however once that’s complete, you may automate your email marketing to the point that it’s honestly effortless.

At the start, you are probably tempted to prepare emails on the fly. This is greater paintings and consequences that are sporadic.

Take the benefit of making plans and email advertising software to automate your email advertising and marketing. In the long run, you’ll supply better quality content at the best time.

#3. Customize your emails

Now and again enterprise owners new to e mail marketing suppose they need to send their email manually for you to give the communique a personalized, one-to-one tone.

Some other big benefit to email automation software is that it will dynamically insert names and different personal statistics so your emails take on a personalized look while not having to be done manually on every email.

Better yet, connect this in your crm software program in which you can layer private statistics and different consumer details to send even more personalised content material.

#4. Design for mobile

Today, the simplest absolutely effective email advertising is pleasantly mobile .

A lot of people take a look at emails on cell gadgets today that your content has to load and display properly on the devices.

A key tip: Make sure your major message seems above the fold on a cell screen. That’s a small area, so you need a concise, so engaging to the point that people scroll down.

#5. Have a catchy situation line

The catchiness of this line is one of the most important parts of your electronic mail content material. It’s seen first of all, so they are drawn in.

Be careful with problem lines. You need something that catches attention and is basically a teaser (a headline meant to get people to click thru), however at the same time you ought to keep away from coming across as spammy.

Keep away from overly salesy language like “buy now” or “free” (these phrases will land your e-mail in junk folders).

Glance through your personal inbox for examples and test special styles of difficulty strains.

#6. Choose days and times that get the quality open costs

If you figure out when your audience listing tends to open emails, you may schedule your blasts to go out at those times.

Studies show that tuesdays, wednesdays, and thursdays round lunch are usually an amazing time to ship new emails, however the instances you pick will rely upon your target audience. For busy CEOs, early monday can be a great time. For college kids, you may discover evenings get higher open rates. For dad and mom of toddlers, you may choose the midnight.

Test your broadcast times and use the facts to find out the high-quality time or times.

#7. Create an unsubscribe link

By regulation, your electronic mail must provide a commercial enterprise address and unsubscribe link:

Email unsubscribe, don’t forget this. You can get fined in case you unsolicited mail humans and don’t offer an unsubscribe link.

#8. Take a look at mailings before you send them out

Maximum of us know the feeling that we have when we despatch a email with a dumb mistake or that is beside the point in the content. When you hit send, it’s gone.

Don’t make this mistake along in your e-mail marketing. Do a check before you send it to your list. send it to yourself and a colleague to ensure you didn’t leave out something and that the email is rendering correctly on cellular or mobile devices.

It only takes a second, to prevent a heap of embarrassment.

#9. Use records to see what works

In the end, email is any other virtual marketing channel. That means you may observe the consequences and make changes based on them.

Email advertising software programs render reviews so that you can check concerning lines, instances, pix, content material headlines, and calls to action.

Email is certainly beneficial because of its immediacy. After a blast, you may acquire facts – in only a matter of hours – on how engaging your content is.

As you study your approximations of what messaging, pix, and paintings work exceptionally well in emails, you could test the content in other regions of your advertising. In terms of time, e-mail is a micro marketing campaign.

Electronic mail is a stalwart of on-line advertising. It’s a tried and proper way to reach people, and today’s gear permit you to reach your goal of very unique audiences.

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Tech Experts

Forbes Top Influencers: These 10 Tech And Business Experts Rule Social Media

tech experts


Gary Vaynerchuk, #1 on Forbes’ list of top Tech/Business Influencers.

Gary Vaynerchuk realized the power of online influence years before many of today’s YouTube stars were even born. The serial entrepreneur, who moved to the U.S. from the former USSR as a toddler, was one of the internet’s earliest adopters of social media as a tool to build a lucrative following. Tech experts are important to social media.

In the 1990s, he took his family’s wine business online, then launched a daily  webcast in 2006 and a digital agency — cofounded with his brother — in 2009. Today, he’s an investor (including in social platforms like Facebook and Twitter) as well as hosting a YouTube docu-series and a podcast, among many other ventures.

Vaynerchuk, 42, is #1 on Forbes’ first list of Top Tech/Business Influencers, part of our fourth quarterly look at the social media stars building empires and fortunes online, alongside Top Kid Influencers and Top Food Influencers.

He’s joined by much-followed digital stars like Marques Brownlee, who got his start online at the age of 16, making screencasts and software tutorials. Today, the 24-year-old can command millions of views on his tech- and gadget-focused YouTube channel; an iPhone 7 unboxing video in 2016 has racked up 9.9 million views. He’s worked with brands including Google, Apple, YouTube, Tesla, and Nike.

Other list members include Justine Ezarik, perhaps the original tech influencer, best known as ‘iJustine’ online. She made her first website in 1996, having taught herself HTML at age 12. Ezarik started blogging about her love of Apple products in college, creating video content as early as 2002. By 2009, Fast Company named her one of the 50 most influential women in tech. She published her memoir, ‘I, Justine,’ in 2015.

Tech  Experts

For this list, Forbes partnered with influencer analytics firm Traackr, using its proprietary data to measure reach, or audience size; resonance, or propensity for virality; and relevance, or engagement related to their area of expertise.

With the help of social insight platform Captiv8, we weighted each candidate’s potential for earnings per post according to the size of their following. Captiv8 also provided demographic snapshots of each influencer’s audience.

Artificial intelligence-powered influencer marketplace Influential also provided access to its data.

“Influence is not a measure of follower size, but rather of authenticity,” said Influential CEO Ryan Detert. “These influencers are the leaders of their space because they are demographically, contextually, and psychographically relevant to their audiences.”

Forbes reviewed each candidate’s endorsements and other businesses generated offline, like product lines and book deals.

Only influencers who made it big by building their fame from the internet up were included, rather than celebrities who also happen to have large audiences online. That’s why you don’t see, for instance, Microsoft billionaire Bill Gates on this ranking. While he and his team have built an enviable following in the multi-millions across social platforms, he was a mega-successful business figure well before the founders of Facebook and Twitter were a twinkle in their parents’ eyes.

In case you join up for emails from a enterprise, no man or woman sends them to you. However wait, Carol, Jim, and Sandy put their names in those emails, and they’re addressed immediately to me. They’re so personalized, they seem to come at simply the proper instances with new info I’m interested in.

The customized impact of emails is completely intentional. They’re meant to look like personalized, one-to-one messages. The content material (while completed successfully) is irresistible, it fits properly with the next step in your selection-making system.

But of course Carol and Jim aren’t spending their weeks sending out thousands of man or woman emails. They use e-mail advertising and marketing automation software program to create lists.

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On top of that, Instagram was able to cultivate a truly active social media platform in a way that many of the other social media services haven’t been able to. People continue to log into Facebook ,but aren’t anywhere near as active on the platform as they used to be.
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Grumpy Cat Star

Forbes Top Influencers: Grumpy Cat, The Internet’s Original Pet Superstar, Reigns Supreme

Grumpy Cat


When it comes to the most influential pets online, the original still comes out on top. What is “Grumpy Cat”?

Many of you will remember the Grumpy Cat phenomenon of 2012. The brother of Tabatha Bundesen, the tiny feline’s owner, posted a picture to Reddit when the now-famous kitty was only a few months old.

Her distinctive face, the result of an underbite and dwarfism, grabbed attention immediately. It ended up on the front page of the internet aggregator overnight.

“Everyone was saying she was Photoshopped,” Bundesen told Forbes. “So he put a video on YouTube. In 24 hours, she had over a million views. That’s how she became a meme.”

Grumpy Cat

Grumpy Cat tops Forbes’ ranking of Top Pet Influencers, joining a list that includes such web luminaries as Pomeranian stars Jiff and Boo and precious cats Nala and Lil Bub.

In the years since her early Reddit virality, Grumpy’s internet fame has taken Bundesen around the world and resulted in partnerships, sponsorships, and merchandise opportunities worth millions of dollars.

She became the official “spokescat” of Friskies pet food in 2013, and Bundesen — aided by Ben Lashes, a talent manager with expertise in the internet space — has brokered licensing deals with mainstream brands ranging from Hot Topic to Gund.

You can buy Grumpy Cat pet toys, calendars, mugs, t-shirts and accessories; in 2014, ‘Grumpy Cat’s Worst Christmas Ever’ hit TV screens nationwide.


“You put a cute, grumpy face out there and people are going to stop what they’re doing and pay attention,” Bundesen said from Arizona, where the famous kitty is based. “I think that’s a huge part of the marketing with Grumpy.”

She shared some advice for pet owners with adorable animals who might want to follow in the footsteps of the internet’s best-known cat.

“Whatever photos bring you joy are probably going to bring the world joy too,” Bundesen said.

And she thinks the enormous success of pet influencers isn’t a trend, but rather…has legs. (Sorry, I couldn’t help myself.)

“I grew up being influenced by Lassie and Garfield,” she said. “Pet influencers can come from nowhere. They can just be plucked from obscurity.”

One of the errors many of us make when we first start a domestic enterprise is we truely communicate too much while we ought to as an alternative leverage the gear of professionals who’ve already done the work for us. Your company pays a variety of money to check the exceptional advertising substances and rent the high-quality expertise to help you grow your enterprise. Your task is to utilize it.

Consider your task as “display and inform”. Take what you’re given and proportion it with others enthusiastically. This sincerely takes away a ton of strain for you! In preference to looking to memorize or learn every single reality to proportion with a prospect, truly recognition on getting to know them more, asking questions, and supplying answers.

In some cases greater emphasis should be placed on asking questions after which simply pointing people to the first-class assets you’ve got to be had to assist them, it’s going to get you better consequences and dispose of a ton of stress and worry. Communicate much less, share greater!

That sums up our five prospecting guidelines to help you rock out your commercial enterprise this week and get you greater sales.

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Thirty Minute List Builder

 List Builder

   This is not a misprint. The 30 Minute List Building Challenge is designed to show you how to get started with the basics of building your very own targeted email marketing list within the next 30 minutes.

We are not going to be spending time downloading and installing software or working out complicated technology. We are just going to get started with the basics of list building.


By the time you complete the steps below, you will have created your very first AutoResponder Campaign complete with your followup letters and hosted capture page.


Then I will begin showing you how to drive traffic to that capture page so that you can begin building your very own targeted and responsive email marketing list. Whether you were referred to this page directly by me or by one of our Affiliates, my personal goal is to help you get a solid understanding of list building fundamentals over the next few minutes.


You will then be able to use these fundamentals to create any other lists you like to promote any other offers you have.


“After doing the 30 Minute List Challenge, it gave me the confidence to go on and create my own campaign.”


-Robin Robinson


This guide isn’t going to cost you a single penny. And if you are brand new to our team, you are probably taking advantage of our 30 day free trial so the entire system is going to be free to you for the next 30 days! The smart money says that you should dive right in to this system and training. You can be building your own targeted email marketing list within the next 30 minutes or less without spending a single penny! Welcome to the 30 Minute List Building Challenge!


Once you have taken the steps to build your list by following these steps, you will be ready to build upon your knowledge to create targeted lists for any offer you have in mind!


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-Bob Swetz


Feel free to post any questions you have as a comment to this article and remember: Technical support is never more than a click away in your back office.


Ready to get started?


Log in to your back office at


Click on Campaign Manager: 


list builder




Click Create New Campaign:


list builder





You will see Step 1 of 5.


Give your new campaign the nickname: listchallenge
Enter a description: 30 Minute List Challenge
Click “Verify My Nickname“.
Click “Move To Step 2“.


You will see Step 2 of 5.


For your name, enter your name.
For your return email address, enter the email address you want for any replies from your subscribers.
For Campaign Title, enter 30 Minute List Challenge
Click “Add New URL Token
enter your Affiliate URL: (using your actual username)
Click  “Move To Step 3“.


You will see Step 3 of 5.


You can select the box next to: “Use the postal address from my Member Profile.” or you can fill out the required information manually. This information will appear in the footer of each message our system sends out as required by law.
Click “Move To Step 4“.


You will see Step 4 of  5.


This is where we tell your campaign what information we want to collect from our web site visitors. Seles the option next to First Name/Last Name (split fields):


list builder





Click “Move To Step 5″.


This is where you can select the option to receive an email any time someone confirms their subscription to your new campaign. I recommend you select that option. It’s fun to see your list growing!


list builder








Next, we will customize your confirmation message. I recommend you use this message:


Welcome To The List Builder Challenge!


I am looking forward to showing you exactly how easy it is to get started building your list. To start receiving your letters, be sure to click the confirmation link, below:


Our system will automatically include the confirmation link so you won’t have to worry about that.


Check the box next to: I have read and agree to the above requirements:


list builder



Click “Finish“.


You have now created your very own AutoResponder campaign! Our next step is to set up your letters. Click “Retrieve  Published Campaign”:


list builder




We have already created sales letters for you to use in this campaign so all you will need to do is simply retrieve our pre-written letters in to your new campaign. Select the option:


Retrieve OTHER Pre-Written Autoresponder Letters


list builder


Enter the AutoResponder ID Number: 381235
Enter the 5 digit code: 84138




Select your listchallenge campaign to overwrite:




Click “Retrieve Pre-Written Autoresponder Letters“.


You have now created an Autoresponder campaign and loaded it with followup letters for your prospects! Your next step is to set up a Hosted Capture Page.


Click “Campaign Overview“.


list builder




Click your “listchallenge” campaign:


list builder



Mouse over “Capture Page/Forms” and click “Hosted Capture Pages”.


list builder




Click “Create New Hosted Capture Page“.


Click “Choose New Template“.


For Themes, select “ Templates“.


list builder



Click the “Skyrocket” template:


list builder




Click “Use This Template“.


I recommend the following:


For Page nickname: listchallenge


For headline: FREE 30 Minute List Challenge!


For Subheadline: Start Building Your Own List In Less than 30 Minutes!


For Paragraph 1:


Even if you have never built an email marketing list in your life, we will show you how to get started in less than 30 minutes! Follow my steps to start building your own targeted email marketing list absolutely free in 30 minutes or less!

For Paragraph 2:

Our system is designed to help the absolute beginner be up and running within 30 minutes or less. We will walk you through the steps and the leads are yours to keep! 

For Paragraph 3:

Let us prove to you how powerful this system is. You won’t spend a single penny to get started with us and you will have a full 30 days to test drive our system absolutely FREE! Just fill out the form below to get started!

For signature name, enter your name.
For signature email, enter your email address.
For signature URL, enter your Affiliate URL.

Click “Create New Capture Page“.

You will see a new screen that includes your new Hosted Capture Page URL:

list builder


Make a note of this URL. This is the URL you will use in the next phase where we begin driving traffic to your capture page to begin building your list of subscribers!


So far, you have created a new Autoresponder campaign, retrieved letters designed to follow up with your subscribers, and created a Hosted Capture Page that will be used to capture name and email from your visitors that also want to learn how to build their own targeted email marketing lists.


Your capture page is offering a free guide (this guide) to list building. Your letters are set up to show prospects how to get started using this guide and will be directing them to open their 30 Day Free Trial account by going to your Affiliate URL to register.


As they follow these same steps, they will be opening a new account with you as their referrer. When they see how effective this system is, it just makes sense that they will want to upgrade and that means you will begin receiving commissions on that sales volume!

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Cosmic Aura


#cosmic aura

 I don’t know about you but it is awesome to me how the cosmos explodes. It cannot ever be duplicated. Just like trying to clone a man. It will never be a perfect image of you. There will always be differences and that makes everything unique in it’s own way. I think it is so neat how because of all the differences in people that makes us all vital to one another in a unique way.

The very thought of being unique should increase our importance to the survival of the species.

Mystery of the cosmic dawn: What’s eating the first starlight?

A shoestring experiment in the Australian outback has seen the signal of the very first stars – and a weird effect astronomers are struggling to explain


Stewart Mcreath

IN THE dusty, dry outback of Western Australia there is nothing for miles around but red dirt, unpaved roads and the occasional kangaroo. A journey across this alien landscape is a lesson in solitude – just you and the road, a 4×4 as essential as a sense of adventure. Astronomer Judd Bowman at Arizona State University has been coming here for nearly a decade to visit the Murchison Radio-astronomy Observatory, an old sheep and cattle station repurposed as a place to listen to the universe.

It hardly seems the stage for a scientific revolution, meagre compared with the cathedral-like majesty of machines like the Large Hadron Collider at CERN. Yet what Bowman and his colleagues have discovered here, using a telescope half the size of a ping-pong table, spells trouble for our picture of the early universe.

It could mean that our ideas about dark matter, the mysterious glue that holds the universe together, are all wrong. It could be that gravity, the force that determines how the cosmos evolves, doesn’t work how we think it does. Or maybe black holes were eating into the early universe long before we thought possible. One thing is certain: if Bowman’s results hold up – and it’s a big if – this could be a milestone moment in the history of cosmology.

When Bowman first started jeeping across the outback in 2009, he was chasing the bright lights of the early universe. In the aftermath of the big bang, the cosmos was full of hydrogen atoms, floating alone in the frigid darkness. As millions of years sailed by, clouds …

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Transportation Alternatives

transportation alternatives

Transportation Alternatives

 There are many transportation alternatives.
Someone knows something about this subject because everyone uses some means to get from one place to another. We that are limited in the amount of money we have are trying to travel the

greatest distance with the least amount of that money spent. The more money we save to get to where we are going will have mean more to spend on the things that we want while we are there. The more things we can do while we are there will mean that we get to create more memories

while we are there. We often save a large part of our life to finally take that one trip that we may only get to take once. Those that are transporting us there are trying often to get all of that we

have spent before we get to where we are going. Who has been planning on that special vacation trip and how will we get there? Will we fly or go on the water? Can we get there over land? All
these things come in to our minds along with what means of transportation will get us there faster if time is a factor in this trip? What transportation was around first? Probably ships first would be my guess.


Can Email Marketing Help You Build Your Home Based Business?

Home Based Businesses can use Email Marketing with AutoResponder technologies to level the playing field and compete against the “big boys”.

By utilizing AutoResponder technologies, home based business owners can generate more leads, follow up with prospects, and communicate with customers for about 60 cents a day.